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Originally Posted by Beethoven View Post
When I first got my betta I was under the very wrong impression that they LIKE small tanks. He was in something just a little bigger than that. It was about 1.5 liters. I did two water changes a week and my betta was very happy at first since Petland kept him in something MUCH smaller with dirty water but he grew tired and lethargic. He developed fin rot and lost his color. He's now in a 1.5 gallon vase. I still do two water changes a week because I'm much more educated and he's so happy. I wouldn't put a betta in anything smaller than 1.5 gallons. In fact, I'm looking into a 2.5 gallon here in the next month or so. Despite popular belief, Bettas want room to swim and be looked at. They want hiding places so they don't get stressed and they want to feel comfortable just like us. In a tank that small, a betta would be on top of itself trying to move around. It would be so sad. =(

I'm glad you would never put a betta in this. You're a good person for understanding.

When I first started out with bettas 4 months ago, I researched about them beforehand and thought that this size tank was OK for a betta after a few more weeks of research I understood that bettas are just like any other fish and need adequate space, heaters and filteration, etc I'm just glad I took the time to get my facts right and join this forum because my betta could have had something that small and I wouldn't have been any the wiser, instead he has been in a 2.5 and now a 4 gallon and I'm hoping to upgrade again xmas time :)
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Yeah I did a lot of research before I got Beethoven in January but you can never do enough research, eh? I've learned a lot from joining this forum too. He's quite the happy fish now and I'm sure he'll be overjoyed when I upgrade his tank again.
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