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white squiggly thingy on water

Hi everyone.. i am new betta owner and have been taking good care of Zep ( my betta)
i feed him 2 pebbles in the morning and 1 at night he eats them all
i change his water 100% every 7th day and do a partial water change every 3rd day.
I have 3 plants in the aquarium and 3 rocks

and zep seems to be happy and all
i found today this very very very tiny white squiggly worms or string like thingies swimming on the water.
they seem to be attracted to the light beam coming down since they where concentrated there.
i grabbed an eyedropped and sucked all the ones i saw out from the aquarum and onto a clear plastic container.

i did some research and some people say that they are planarians.. but i then looked at a video and the planaria moves like a snail... this guys are outta whack!!.. they wiggle like crazy....

so anyway i am posting a video in hopes someone can point me in the right direction. if its bad.. how can i fix it.. what can i do to prevent it? etc.

here is the video i recorded you will see the wiggly thingy and zep passing behind on his aquarium...

thanks for any help
All the best
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I think its planaria, they are not harmful but are caused by overfeeding, so maybe you should cut down on how much you feed your betta or just do more water changes :) the water changes should help cut down on the planaria, try to vaccum them out or if all else fails get a chemical treatment, but only as last resort

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