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Old 07-14-2010, 09:37 AM   #1 
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What is going on?!

I change my betta's water about once a week since hes in a ~1 gallon tank until I get him in something bigger.

A few days ago, I changed his morning, i was SURPRISED to see what I thought was ich on his body. There were some small grainy looking white spots but also one slightly larger white "patch" on his body. I added a little less than 1/2 tsp aquarium salt and was happy to see that by the evening of the next night, the spots were ALMOST gone.

I changed his water last night to keep everything clean..again added 1/2 tsp. aquarium salt just to be safe and happily went to bed at night knowing the spots were about gone.

BUT..this morning, everything is BACK. but they arent grainy..they are small white patches around his body. WHAT is this?? i JUST cleaned his water..100% change. I'm thinking it may be stress-induced perhaps from moving my betta to a small holding tank while I clean his water. But why on earth is this happening?!

Thanks so much!
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A pic would really help

Also, I would increase the water changes to 100% daily with 1tsp/g aquarium salt until you figure out what it is.

Is he having any other symptoms-eating okay, swimming and acting okay?
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Okay, I'll get a picture soon. But yes, he's perfectly normal otherwise. still swimming happily, eating, etc. Its just odd how a day after I changed his water initially, the spots were almost completely gone..then I change the water and they're back again.

I also think upon closer look, that the small white patches almost look dry. Like dry skin for bettas? Don't know if that's even possible but that's one way to describe it haha
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