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Originally Posted by Myates View Post
Even if you can't find Prime, any conditioner that removes chlorine, nitrate/ites and binds metals- which is most conditioners. Have you not been adding any conditioner to your water?
Yeah, I have a water conditioner which I add everytime I do a water change.

I have bought some conditioner which reduces nitrate, and I've been adding some to my tank water. It seems it's brought the levels down nicely, and yesterday the nitrate was 5, but this morning it was 10 again, so I added some more of that conditioner. I read that it can take a few doses to get the nitrate down. If the levels are still high tomorrow, I will most likely to a water change. Otherwise, Victor seems happy.
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Originally Posted by erinandares View Post
How can I get water stains off the front of my tank in a fish friendly way? Ugly things...
On glass tanks, I use windex/window cleaner.. I spray onto a paper towel in a different room and then go wipe the glass down. I wash my hands afterwards real well and use just warm water on a towel for the hood and other non-glass parts. Never had a problem doing this, just as long as I don't spray near the tanks or put my hands in the water before washing them.
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Ahh, okay! I wasn't sure if there was a problem using windex on glass tanks or not. Thank you!
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hey guys. the crapy fish heater i was using broke and i've ordered another oen but it doesnt come in till tuesday. any way i can keep him warm till then? besides partial water changes every two hours or turning the heat up in the room? i live in a building that controls heat/ac for me.. ive no control over room temp
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Old 11-14-2011, 03:29 AM   #2685 
Arashi Takamine
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If you got an electric blanket or heating pad put the tank on top of that turn it up and monitor the temp and your good.
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I wouldn't do that many water changes, too much fluctuations could cause trouble. Just monitor the temp, if it gets below 74* then you can do a large water change and acclimate him to the temp in his cup after. Or wrap dryer-warm towel around his tank as long as it doesn't get too warm for him.
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is it possible for genetics to give pure black eyes for betta. the pic below is of Nelliel on AB. i cannot see any iris unlike my other 2 betta (brown/gold iris, black pupil). he has no issues eating ane is generally healthy given i ignore chronic blown tails with some minor tail biting folowing suite. as such im not particularly worried about his eyesight at all, just interested about the lack of eye colour detail. he actually may have distinct iris and pupil but its very hard to discern it.

i have another question. i just noticed what seems like 2 bubble nests on the other side of my 5gal divided. the slin10 filter is running but the only betta atm inside is on the other half of the divider. is it normal if the water turbulence causes this?

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How can I get on aquabid when I'm 17? Can someone make an account for me?
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That is something you have to do yourself.
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I have a 20g aquarium only one betta, glass stones on the bottem, filtered and heated, how often do I do water changes?? and what percent?
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