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Unhappy My first and oldest betta in trouble..

My first ever betta, Pyro, red veiltail male is acting quite strange. I have removed him from his 10g that he shared with two other boys(separated with dividers, of course) and he's been placed in a quarantine bowl, fresh water and aquarium salt provided. I will change every 2 days..I'd like to change daily but will that cause him stress? I have a 1.5g that I could've put him in, but his symptoms caused me to choose's why:

Lately he's been swimming awkwardly, overworking his side fins and fluttering helplessly with his veiltail. I feared it was swim bladder, so I fasted him for 2 days then began feeding again and he's eaten well(I only gave 4 pellets a day..which he finishes). He has a lot of trouble swimming and getting to his food but he tries so hard and manages somehow. After every morning of struggling to eat, he just lays on the bottom, usually resting on his tail facing the top of the tank. Its not as if he is depressed or sluggish, his movements are always with a burst of energy. Its almost like he wants to swim, but he just can't. I was afraid since he was always on the bottom maybe the water pressure would bother him, so thats why he's in the bowl.

He's a senior citizen in my book, going on 5 years. I know bettas can last longer but he is my oldest betta. His fins have gotten slightly shriveled in appearance over the years, but he's been acting healthy until this point. Is this an old age thing or a disease? Swim bladder can't be it, he isn't bloated, he just swims funny, no other symptoms add up. Any suggestions would be great, it would be hard to lose him.
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Both of these fish are housed in the divided 10g together before you moved them to QT...right?

How much and how often are the regular water changes? any additives used, filtration, live plants, water temp?

Swim bladder issues don't always show bloat as a symptom, sometimes infected swim bladder will be swimming problems, floating, sinking, side swimming, fluttering, lethargic, poor appetite as well as with labyrinth infections

I have found that Epsom salt 1tsp/gal up to 3tsp/gal and warm humid air above the water by using plastic veggie wrap over the top of the tank to be helpful along with 100% daily water changes for 10 days
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