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Exclamation Roger's fin rot wont stop!

Well. mi went to the fish store anf told them about rogers fin rot and they gave me Betta Revive. They said to put 4 drops in his one gallon and do a 10%water change each day for 7 days. So i did. And his fin rot isnt any better it actually is worse! OVER half of his tail is gone and his dorsal is begining to get affected too. And Phantom is just begining to get fin rot on his tail. HELP! ( i added a little aquarium salt to rogers tank btw about 1/2 tsp.)
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Sorry about your guy's fin's really frustrating I know.

Since you started treatment with Betta Revive, you need to follow through with it for the next 7 days. Then as soon as it's complete, you should do a 100% water change which includes cleaning the tank and decorations with hot water.

I see in one of your past threads that he was in a 1-gallon, and that's probably why his fins are worn down - the ammonia builds up too fast in 1 gallon if the water's not changed out every day. Fin rot needs VERY clean water heated to ~80F (75F is too cool) to heal.
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I'd say just do 100% daily water changes with .5tsp/gal of aqaurium saalt with 80 degree water. Make sure you let the water in his cup when changing water changes to the temp of the water in his tank by setting te cup in the tank for atleast 10 mins.
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Dead Sunlight
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Hi again Mary!!! (You haven't been calling!!!)

Hmm, I would do 100% water changes daily (keep his water at 80 deg. and EXTREAMLY CLEAN!!!!)and add pre-mixed Aquarium salt to the hospital tank for another ten days. To help with treatment, you can add the Betta Revive as well and what I do to help heal the fins is add twice as much water conditioner with every water change (Instead of one capful, two).

As for the hospital tank, do u have an old rubbermaid/Sterilite plastic storage box lying around? They r of decent size for a hospital (I LOVE MY 5 gall STERILITE) and easy to clean.

I hope this helped a bit. Sorry i couldn't help previously, that formula was for mild cases. This is severe. i will pray for u two... (FIGHT ROGER, FIGHT!!!!!!) And call me asap!!!!!!!

- Dead Sunlight
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