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Exclamation Tips for pickingout a good fish.

My betta recently died
I want to get a new one and i was wondering if there's anything I should know about wisely picking a new betta and tank prep etc..
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Here's some basics. :)

Picking your betta: Vibrant colour, full fins, no signs of a yellowish powdery like mold on the fish that could be ich or velvet. Might flare when you tap the cup slightly.

Tank prep: 1 gallon per inch of betta. 2.5 gallon at minimum, 5 gallon ideal if you want a filter and to establish a bacterial cycle. Get a good water conditioner to keep your fish from getting poisoned by things in the water. Ideal temperature for a betta tank is anywhere between 78-82 degrees with 80 being ideal. Silk or real plants only, and only ones that have no wires in them. Plastic plants can tear a betta's delicate fins. They need somewhere dark to hide as well, like a ceramic coffee mug or something cave-like. No sharpness.

Food must be meat based, like the first ingredient should have salmon or some other full meet. Be weary of foods that have any sort of wheat as the first ingredient. I recommend Atison's Betta Pellets or Omega One Betta Buffet Pellets. :)

I know I missed some things, everyone else will chime in too. :)
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Picking Your Betta: Vibrant Color, Full Fins, No white spots, Clear normal eyes, flares are you or a neighboring betta, swims normally. Also, pick one out that just "clicks" with you. Remember females can just have as much personality as a male.

Tank Prep: Minimuim 2.5 gallons for a permanent home. Get a 5 gallon if you want tank mates, such as shrimps. Get a good water conditioner to keep your fish from getting poisoned by things in the water. Ideal temperature for a Betta tanks should have a temperature between 78-82 degrees. Silk plants and/or live plants are your best bet. Decorations with smooth rounded edges are best, as well.

Food: I feed Hikari Bio-Gold, but I have found New Life Spectrum is also a good food. As well as, some frozen foods including Daphnia, Bloodworms, Brine Shrimp, etc.
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