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Ghost Shrimp Ganged up on Betta

I had a very weird situation. I woke up this morning to find my Betta's tail all chewed up and torn. About 2/3 was gone, as well as some oh his dorsal and anal fins. I have no idea what was wrong. He was a tail biter 2 months ago and so much has grown back and I thought he was biting his tail again for some reason.

I observed him for a few minutes until I noticed my 7 ghost shrimp acting more hyper than usual. One suddenly attached itself to the Betta's tail and started to what it looked like, eating the tip of his tail! As my Betta swam away furiously, the shrimp just attached itself and hitched a ride, like he's water skiiing. Then another shrimp attacked his lower fin.

I just couldn't believe it. My Betta used to harass the shrimp but got bored of it a month ago. They lived peacefully until last night when the shrimp just all decided to gang up on him.

I took the Betta out and placed him in his old 0.5 gallon betta bowl. I'm not sure when to reintroduce him to the 5 gallon tank.

Is ghost shrimp attacking Bettas a normal thing? When my Betta gets better I'm thinking of getting rid of the shrimp by putting them in the small bowl. But I know that ghost shrimp will never last long in a bowl.

I'm not using bettafix and being a bit more generous with frozen bloodworms to at least make him feel a bit happier. Anything else I can be doing to help?
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I'd get another 5 gallon for your shrimp. Sometimes these things don't work out the way we'd like. It's possible they could kill your betta if enough of them ganged up on him. Or you could try selling them back to the store you got them from for credit. You could explain the situation. I've heard of this before. Someone around here not very long ago was asking the same question about shrimp attacking a betta. I wouldn't put them together again, if it were me.

I think clean water and frequent water changes should be enough to help him heal on his own. I've used bettafix with good results but only at about 1/4 strength. I hope he feels better!
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