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Old 07-20-2010, 11:12 PM   #11 
metalbetta's Avatar
Join Date: May 2010
Location: Lincoln, NE
My boyfriend is "adamant" about me not getting any more bettas. He makes the "battle royale" jokes, as well as a few "tank shot put" jokes. He says all this, but I can tell he loves them as much as I do. Especially Nina. Though I get an eye roll or two when I'm on this forum or surfing aquabid. lol
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Old 07-20-2010, 11:20 PM   #12 
JaspersANGEL's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2009
Location: Ontario
If and when I manage to get my boyfriends memory back (geez this is a bad month what with my best betta dying and my boyfriends car accident) in our house we will have an animal room, two of everything.
We both love animal's, but to him loving fishies is weird so he looked at me like i was crazy when I told him about the fish's birthday/adoption day, but since his accident he developed a new found fondness for my fishies.
So no problems there
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Old 07-21-2010, 03:02 AM   #13 
Maryrox247's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2009
Location: Henderson, Nevada
Okay im only 13 but when i do get a husband he'd better be ok with me having my dream house with one tank in every room ezcept the bathroom,kitchen, and garage! LOL
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Old 07-21-2010, 03:59 AM   #14 
New Member
jmtriro01's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2010
Location: Philippines
wow, there's a number of ladies in this forum... i dont have a wife yet, but i have a gf. both of us loves fishes. but she prefers to buy more clothes and shoes than to buy more tanks.
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Old 07-21-2010, 04:34 AM   #15 
sjones's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2010
Actually, If your partner doesn't like/accept your animal friends I'd consider it a big red flag, it also says that they don't respect/care about you. I used to have a boyfriend that was really mean to my kitten, he would torture it (what i thougth then to be playful) but one day I realized he was being really menacing,and now I realize that was the sign he had to go. I f you love animals your ideal mate should have a place in their heart for them as well. That's why I'm marrying a vet tech <3 free cat care! lol!
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Old 07-21-2010, 07:59 PM   #16 
FloridaBettas239's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2010
Location: The Gun Shine State
SO my wife is the one that got me into fish. I thought they were to hard to care for, this is when we didn't no the facts. She was like babe these fish called bettas are easy and only need a small bowl. So I bought her, her first betta. Then I got bit by the betta bug. I joined the IBC and bought show stock then I wanted something I could call my own so I started making my own line. And it has just grew bigger every year.
But this is how she deals with me and my betta family. She has her own love and that's horses. We live on 5 acers so we have the room are land is agg. So we are able to have a breeding bussiness we breed bettas, sugar gliders and horses. She got a horse for her b day and one for x mas. So when she says something about spending money on the fish. I remind her of her 2,500.00 dollar horse.

Im lucky she has her own love in life so it helps keep her off my back.. Plus she loves animals like me, and I help take care of her horses when she has had a hard day. And she helps remove females from breeding tanks. She even feeds the fry live baby brine shrimp for me. She's a champ I couldn't ask for better.

They funny part is that I bought her a 2.5 aquarium filtered and heated on her night stand beside are bed. And she has a betta in it, then she will just walk in my fish room and say this is my new betta and leave with one. And give the one she had back, the problem is she comes in there and takes my prize breeding stock. I'm like babe he is my champ line breeder, and she says well I want him and she takes him lol.
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Old 07-21-2010, 09:13 PM   #17 
New Member
KBoone's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2010
Location: Southwest Ohio
LOL Florida @ your wife taking your prize Betta.

Mine knows what he got into when we got married. I've always had a managerie of animals. His argument though is we can not have more animals then people in the house. My argument is that Bettas are fish, confined to a tank. . . "They don't count!" He shakes his head and goes-on.

I think it's that he knows he could argue all he wants, I'm gonna do what I want. He's a smart man, my husband.
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Old 07-22-2010, 11:29 AM   #18 
vaygirl's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2009
Location: Middlesex County, NJ
I laughed at Florida's wife too, taking the prize fish. Hehe.

I asked Steve once what made him think I needed his permission to get more fish and he went into that whole 'We're a couple and we should plan things together and we both have to agree.' kinda thing. That's fine for furniture and a car and stuff like that but I don't think that should apply to an individual's hobby. He's got a scad of role-playing books and comic books and I'm sure he's never asked me before he bought any of it. Nor would I want him to. I mean, if I was putting us in the poor house and all, yeah, another valid argument. But we have the money so I'mma have the fish. Like Kboone says, I'm gonna do what I want! :P
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Old 07-22-2010, 09:09 PM   #19 
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jmtriro01's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2010
Location: Philippines
my gf wont let me breed. huhu
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Old 07-27-2010, 10:04 PM   #20 
New Member
KBoone's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2010
Location: Southwest Ohio
So I have all my new tanks set-up for my new guys and when my husband first saw them he just dropped his head and sighed.

Then tonight. . .

I had my guys delivered today and they were all in their tanks. My husband comes home from work and TOTALLY bypasses me to look at the new Bettas.

We talk about them for quite a while. At one point I tap on the tank to get one of my CTs to come to the front. This is met with, "Don't do that! Do you know what that's like for the fish!" Got all protective he did!

THEN. . .

"So you know you only have a year until the next Betta convention."

My husband has been researching Bettas, Betta clubs and conventions! I love that he puts this much effort into knowing what I'm into.

My husband is awesomeness!
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