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Question Possible Ich

Ok, I think Amadeus might be developing Ich, but I am not sure. So far I have only noticed one white spot. However, I hate to wait and let it get worse, so I think I am going to use some aquarium salt in his tank (NOT medication). My question is, should I take out the gravel and silk plants and such before using the salt? Also, should I turn off the filter? Will the salt affect the filter?
I've been considering removing the gravel anyway because I think it is too coarse and could tear his it okay for him to go without any gravel/substrate for a while until I can find a smoother option that I can afford?
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With mild cases of ich-I like to just do water changes with deep gravel vacuuming, often with mild case and if the fish is healthy they will take care of it themselves with a little help from you.
I also like to do the two cup method by moving the fish daily to a clean cup with fresh dechlorinated like temp water for 3 days past the last day I could see the ich on their body

Removing the gravel will be fine, remember some of the good bacteria live in the top layer of the gravel in a filtered/cycled tank, the good bacteria is also on everything in the tank and in the filter media as long as the good bacteria receives aeration from a running filter.
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Ok, thanks! I've been doing daily water changes, so I'll continue that and keep an eye on him.
I think I'll keep the gravel around until I get his new tank. In the new tank I plan to use smooth pebbles, which will hopefully not hurt his fins. While he is in the current tank, I have added a couple large smooth stones that should give him a place to rest without hurting his fins.
Thanks for your help!!
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