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aunt kymmie
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Originally Posted by Fishirila View Post
Try an African Cichild. They're good friends with Betta's!
Negative ghost-rider, Africans would make short work of a betta in no time.
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I'm not very good with Cichlids as I've never had any but I believe that most species are territorial (just like Bettas). Territorial/aggressive fish do not mix well at all.
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Agreed. African rift lake cichlids make extremely poor tankmates for bettas. They have entirely different water chemistry requirements, require different foods (protein heavy for the bettas while most Africans require vegetable-centric diets) and most of all because the poor betta would end up a snack (or at least a chew toy) for just about any rift lake cichlid.

The only cichlids I would keep with a betta would be South American dwarf varieties and even then only in a large, heavily planted tank.
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nvm. on second though mine's so chill he'd probably be attacked. =/
Gohst shrimp are good tank mates. =] If you can get cherry shrimp too they're good!

Shrimp Info:

*looks up* Sweet. =] So who are you then?

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frogs, king betta, shrimp

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