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If you put another male or female by his tank where he can see them, It dont have to me next to his tank where he will stress. It can be where they can just see each other every now and then from a couple feet away. Which will stimulate him to want to build a nest and show him/her that he can build a big nest. If you don't have another betta a mirror will do the trick..
I don't care what anyone say's you can ask the lady at and I have done it. Me and her put bettas all lined up in clear containers or in my case a divided 10 gal with 3 dividers which hold's 4 bettas in 2.5 gallon section's, and just like she told me what would happen, The fish stop flaring at each other and there stress strip's went away, and that started a pecking order, The one fish would no who is boss and so on and so on. This went on for year's and year's. Sale some and other's take there place and get in the pecking order. If you look at her breeding room, Its betta beside betta beside betta, It's not going to stress your fish out or hurt it, even bettysplendens say's it's a important part of having a good halfmoon, is letting them see a mirror, female, or male for a hour everyday, to strech there ray's and display there self. This keep's everything all streched out, and full...
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Mine are all next to each other and I have had no problems.
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