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10 gallon?

I'm hopefully getting a 10 gallon sometime this week from someone on Craigslist...It would be awhile before it would be set up and ready to go because I am planning on putting alot of hideing places every where and live plants..I am hopeing on putting Alexander in there by himself or Leave Alex in his current 5 gallon home. I would divide it up and put Riley on one side and another betta on the other but with dividers I'm always worried they would fall over and the bettas would get to eachother So I decided not to divide it...I really want to move Alexander into the 10 gallon cause I think he needs some more places to hide and roam about...The one thing I'm worried about though is stressing him out...He seems very happy and active in his current home right now and I have as many places to hide in it as possible but I'm thinking he might be happier with more room...But I really don't want to stress him too much and he always seems stressed when I'm cleaning out his tank and change it around a bit...but then he's normal again after a few hours...What do you guys think I should do? Just keep him in his 5 gallon or upgrade him??
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You can always make your own dividers. There held in place by glue so they dont shift.

DIY tank dividers

Walmart carries #7 craft canvas in the craft department for under $1 for one sheet which is more than enough to divide a 10 gallon tank several times. It has holes so your water will flow through but they are small enough that the bettas won't be able to wiggle through them.

Then go to the school supplies dept and look for clear report covers that have the little plastic spines that slide down the side of the cover to hold the pages in. It's these little spines that you want. A package is around $1-$2.

Next, pet department for aquarium sealant. Cost about $3.

You glue the spines inside the tank with the aquarium sealant. (One of my guys here at work set mine up for me and he ran two lines of sealant right next to each other and then set the spine right in the middle. It worked great and has held for about two years now.) Let them set for a couple of days until the vinegary smell is completely gone.

Then cut your craft canvas to fit into the spines. Make sure you cut them big enough to make a tight fit. Then work the canvas down into the slits in the spines. It takes a little work to get them in the first time, but once you get them in it makes a great divider and shouldn't run you over about $5 total.
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