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Old 07-24-2010, 01:44 AM   #1 
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Will my Betta live?

I got Elliott about a week ago. The stupid woman at the pet store didn't educate me on my new fish AT ALL. I have always thought bettas were the easiest fish to take care of and needed very little care. Well, unknowing me put poor Elliott in a fish bowl with tap water. He did okay for most of the week, but when I changed his water again, things went very badly very quickly. Thankfully I expressed my concern to a friend and betta lover, and she informed me of the tap water issue. I immediately went to the store and bought some water treatment. I did everything the guy at the pet store told me to, but poor little Elliott still looks awful. How long can it take for a betta to recover from being sick, and how fragile are they??? I'm so sad! I don't want him to die!

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You should look in the betta care sticky in this fourm. It has lots of advice! I hope good luck for your betta!
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Please HELP ! This is my first fish and i cant watch him die ! I believe its ich..My blue-green male betta is covered with several tiny salt-like white dots. Not only that, his colour is GONE. He looks brown grey to me n is dull, doesnt eat much or swim around. He looked sorta lethargic from the past few days but i only really saw visible spots on him this morning. Now...only a cuple of hours later he looks worse ! :( So much worse..The ends of his fins look like they're starting to rot. He has a 1 gallon fish bowl which i cleaned real good with boiling water along with the aquarium stones n 100% water change added like 2 drops of aquadene (gill, fungus, parasite specialist) cuz it was the only brand available where i looked. Couldnt find aquarisol or methylene blue or much else really. I'm totally new to this fish thing n i've only had him around a week n only now do i know how important a filtration system and temperature regulator is. HOwever, I did take as much care as i could and more of the bowl...Used only frresh drinking water, daily water changes of around 70*, kept the bowl in a room with temperature of around 26 degrees, fed it adeuately and stirred up the water occassionally to aid oxygenation. I just shifted the bowl to a 31-32 degree room which i gradually increased, added a few granules of aquarium salt n switched off the room lights. But i'm so scared i just keep getting in to the room n lookin at him n staring at him n realise he's not gettin better. I just spent an hour beside n he DOES NOT LOOK GOOD. I went out n bought Wardley Ick-Out which was my best bet since i couldnt find anythin else in all the places that i tried. I decided to add this to the new water that i will change for him tomorrow morning since i have already added the salt n aquadene to this bowl. But now i'm getting really nervous cuz he's not movin one bit until i stir up the water and just sort of floats on the top. Occassionally i see a little gill movement..but othewrwise its so low i cant even see it :( please tell me wat i can do with what i have right now or i will go out in the morning to get wats required cuz its like 3.30 a.m here. So all i have is this aquadene gill,fungus,parasite specialist and Wardley Ick-out, Aquarium salt and my fish bowl with my really sick fishy in it :( i also noticed it has a slight bump though with no odd colouration in the area between his belly and tail and it only appears to be on one side. I thought he had the swim bladder disorder to top all of this but i've read in a few places it could just look that way cuz the belly is caving in n he DOES look thin n starved. I cant help but look at him, I cant sleep, I cant think of anything worse happening to him. He almost seems to look back at me like he's asking for help :( Just please tell me what i can do right away with my available resources ! Soon ! I'm such a bundle of nerves right now, I'm never gonna have another fish as my pet if this ends baadly. GULP. I dont even want to say that out aloud. I'm sorry I'm typing away like crazy but this sucks n i dont know wat else to do ! Save Laila !
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The one thing that pops-out at me after reading your post. . . CALMDOWN! Keep your Betta warm and his water clean and give him time. I'd quit with the medication for now. Add some aquarium salt to his water (1 tsp. to one gallon) and give him some time to recover. Change his water daily, being certain that it is the same water at as close to the same temp as you can get and off him food occassionally. Then hope for the best!

I say this because I JUST had an experience with a sick Betta due to a careless person I left in charge of him while I'm on vacation.

My first reaction was complete freak-out! And I'm quite certain that my frantic water changes and various meds did more harm than good. Above all, STRESS is the number on killer of Bettas.

Long story short. I did a 100% water change once last time, gave him a nice, BIG new plant to hide in and, aside from doing a 50% water change daily with some AQ salt, I've let him be. 3-days and he is doing MUCH better.

So that's my advice. Let him rest for a day or so, let yourself calmdown and step back for a minute, then re-evaluate the situation.
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Join Date: Jul 2010 Yup, gotta calm down, gotta calm down. I'm gonna do what u did with a few drops of the ick-out n salt in a couple of hours when its morning. lol. n let him be warm n recover real good. He will, he will he will :) Thank you so much, i'll let you know how he's doin in a day. God bless. Thats the first time i've said 'god bless' in years. lol. Sigh.
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I'll have my fingers crossed.
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I agree your should calm down!
I would move your fish to a smaller container if he can't get to the surface so easily to breathe. I've used the betta cups as treatment tanks before succesfully.
I have a betta girl who i thought was ging to die after I brought her home. I settled her in just as I do with all my other fish but the next day she was floating on her side and her fins looked bloody. I found no explanation but moved her to the betta cup and treated her water immediately. Since she wouldn't come up for air too often, i had her in about an inch of water and changed her water everyday. She was good to move back to her tank about 3-4 days after and now she's a happy girl.

So be patient, there's really so much you can do and it will not always work. To me, meds are another way to stress the fish so you should use them when you can identify the problem.

About the Aquarium salt: to me it's the best treatment along with clean water. but PLEASE disolve it before adding it to the water. The crystals take a while to disolve and may do more harm than good.

His bloated belly and torn fins might be an indication that he's a tail bitter. Maybe from habit or just out of stress. I say keep up with the salt and daily water changes.

I really hope your boy pulls through.
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