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Exclamation Important Question

I have a question...
My Fish Tank has a ton of bubbles lining the top, and it goes around the tank ,plus the bubbles go up to about three inches. Also I see a filmy(ish) oil on the top of the water.
I clean my fish tank once a week, and I scrub all the scum off the bowl. I just want to know what the bubbles are since they don't really pop.
My mom said I feed my fish to much, but I feed three flakes three times a week.
Please help me know if I should be concerned about these.
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You should feed your fish way more than that! I say three flakes twice a day! You should switch to betta pellets, flake arent as healthy and are messy! What size is your tank? The bubbles could be a bubble nest.
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Bubble Nest?!

I thought I should feed my fish more but I wanted to clear the queston first. I thought about getting a weekend feeder that gives off flakes randomly but right now I feed it flakes and someimes bloodworms. My fish is also having trouble eating big peices so flakes are easy. Where should I get the pellets from?
My Tank is small. I pour half a gallon of water into it every saturday when I clean the tank. I hope it is just a bubble nest but what is that exactly?
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If your tank is a 1/2 gallon, it needs to be cleaned every day, or at the most, every other day. Bettas swim in their own toilet, basically, and by cleaning it only once a week the fish could get ammonia burns from the build up of its waste and other illnesses. I would recommend at LEAST one gallon, but even better, 2.5 or more. Walmart sells a wonderful 5.5 gallon with hood, light, and filter for $30. This would require much less water changes. You can buy pellets at Walmar (I'd recommend Wardley from there).

A bubble nest is a males natural mating instinct showing through. When they mate, they place the female's eggs in the bubble nest until the babies hatch and can swim on their own. Many males do this as just a natural urge they have.
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I agree with kuklachica, a 1/2 gallon tank will have to be changed every day. You should really invest in a tank of at least 2 gallons or larger. Bettas are tropical fish and need to have heated water (78-83 degrees) in order to be comfortable, healthy and active. Most quality adjustable heaters are designed for tanks that are 2 gallons or larger.

In such small containers, bettas often develop destructive neurotic behaviors like glass surfing and tail biting. And as kuklachica implied, harmful waste in the form of ammonia builds up extremely quickly causing the fish unnecessary suffering. Fish constantly excrete ammonia through their gills, kind of like the fish form of urine. In nature, plants and beneficial bacteria consume the ammonia--but such a small tank without plants or a bacteria colony the waste has nowhere to go, so you must change 100% of the water often.

I also agree with changing to pellet food. I recommend OmegaOne betta buffet pellets, Atison's betta pellets, Ken's betta crumbles, and New Life spectrum. You should soak whatever dry food you give to your betta in a little tank water prior to feeding it to him. Fish were not made to eat dry, bready, air-filled foods--it can cause them bloating and discomfort. Similar to when we eat uncooked rice. When they are soaked, it's also much easier to break pellets into smaller pieces.
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