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what is up?

Hmmm...bubbles is my first betta, so I have no idea what is going on.

He lives in a 2.5 gallon heated filtered tank. His water is around 80 degrees at all times (he likes it around 80, anything lower and he gets lethargic). I feed him pellets, 2 or 3 of them twice a day. I have only had him a week, and I put him in a bigger tank sunday (it is now wednesday). I also use water conditioner.

I put a new plant in his tank (they are all fake, but nothing sharp that could hurt him) and he was so excited yesterday, swimming around and playing in it. He was super active. Yet today he is hardly doing anything. He'll move around in short bursts, but nothing like his normal self. He also has only eaten about 1 pellet in the last 24 hours. I feed him them one at a time so they don't sit in his tank uneaten. I finally got him to eat one about an hour ago, but that's it. I changed half of his water, but that didn't do any good, and the water is only like 3 days old anyway. I feel like maybe I have disrupted him too much lately-do you think that could be it? He has been hiding in his barrels or just chilling near the bottom of the tank. He is still blowing bubbles. He flares at me when he sees me, like he hates me hahaha. Also, he looks fine. No weird spots, no color changes. He looks exactly the same as he has for days. I guess he does kind of look like he's panting.

Any help would be appreciated.

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What is the water temp?
He may still be adjusting to the new tank and filter, if he has never had a filter before-he may be tired and needs time to build muscle to swim with the current. I would keep the filter on and do 50% daily water only changes for 4-5 days and see if he perks up and starts eating better.
Try to disrupt him as little as possible with the water only changes, so do them slow and add the fresh water back slowly, hold his food for a day or so unless he perks up and ask for food and then feed half of what you normally do.
Make sure the the water is within a couple of degrees from new and old water so not to cause temp related issues and use dechlorinator with any new water.
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His water temp is about 81 right now. He was fine the first few days. I have read a lot about filters bugging the fish, but if anything he seems to play in it, and I haven't seen him get pushed by the flow or anything. He has had a filter the whole time I've had him (a week haha) except he moved from a one gallon to a 2.5 gallon sunday.
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