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All my plants are from Petco.
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Originally Posted by SaylorKennedy View Post
All my plants are from Petco.
Aw man. =[ Oh well. I guess when I get to college I can get some. =/
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Originally Posted by wallywestisthebest333 View Post
Thought you would be! ;] it'd be a shame to tear all that beauty down to do a 100%!

Yep! =] I'm hoping that if I buy more real plants mine will cycle faster! =] I've got 3 amazon swords waiting in a gallon jar with gravel and fertilizer that I aerate with a straw! XD
Unfortunately they're starting to turn brown. =[ I'm setting up my tank tomorrow after I leave it in the sun all day again though so they should perk up after I've got them in a better environment! =] They look SO pretty! <3 I can't wait to mix them with silk plants and flowers! <3
Ah, well, if the need to do a 100% arises, my plants are potted I have an under gravel filter, so they need to be anyways. The java moss and java fern aren't potted though, but thats fine, they don't need to be.
Plants don't make your tank cycle faster, it just makes it safer for the fish.
And, the aerating with a straw probably isn't doing anything. Even an airstone is little more than decorative. You would need a CO2 diffuser to add any significant amount of CO2 for plants, and if you are doing it to get O2 in there for your fish, water changes and the surface disturbance that a filter causes should suffice.
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