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Ty is a tough one >.<

Ty is just having a bunch of problems. D:

In addition to his extreme eating problem and his lethargicness, he's become pale and really skinny. He hasn't even been accepting food anymore. Idk what's going on. I kind of thought that the color change might have just been marbling but I was looking at pictures when I got him and he looks a lot worse. His fins have become noticeabley less full. I've put salt in his water and done more water changes to keep his water extra clean, but nothing still.

Anyone have any suggestions?

EDIT(Idk how well the pictures translate to you guys, but he really has lost a lot of mass)

About 2 days ago

Him now, sorry for bad picture, really the only one I got of him out and not being hidden. You can tell his color change mostly by the top and back fins even if the pictures are at different angles of light.

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Now he has a whole bunch of black spots on him. Mostly his top and back fins again.
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When I hear-lethargy, failure to thrive, poor appetite, weight loss I think internal parasites.
Black spots if not related to a color change in the fish it can be a sign of flatworms under the skin, however, this would be rare since this is passed by birds and usually seen in fish that live outside in a pond, it can also be related to chemical burns from ammonia, medications, salt that was not dissolved.
Since he is a marble I suspect the black spot are related to color change

Fin issues-with some CT water hardness can affect their fins negatively but that would not explain the other symptoms. Have you tried rainwater and IAL or oak leaf?
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yea oldfishlady has a point sounds suspiciously like black spot disease
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