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Originally Posted by bearwithfish View Post
whoa whoa hold up a moment.... This an interesting read !! This is precisly what i keep attempting to tell you guys about..... Simple rules to live by on the internet...
If some one is targeting you report them dont tell them about it just do it
if some one appears to be a troll dont call them that report it
if you are going to get worked up because some faceless person said something to hurt your feelings turn off the page!! Wow really this is not super complicated... We have a huge amount of super members here who can find artful ways to express opposing sides to an argument.. Then we have well this junk ...
No we are not gonna start closing thread because folks dont agree with you
and no we are not going to start banning people because you seem to have a communication issue...
Work it out or stop posting ... If you feed it it keeps coming back....
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Wow, I'm sorry I missed all the excitement! I'd like to think that people find ME friendly and helpful. Like someone else said, some members are very passionate about bettas and sometimes they can come off sounding rude unless you know them. People don't mean to be rude, they just want what's best for the fish. And it's hard to tell sometimes reading text on a computer, if something is meant to be rude or not. This is a very friendly forum but yeah, we do have our moments. lol

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Neil D
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Just remember that its all for the fish
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Honestly though in the changes that have been made with my betta-- moving him from a half gallon tank to a 10 and then adding plants his behavior changed each time. He seemed happy in the .5 because I hadn't seen anything different, and then got 10 times happier zipping around the 10 gallon. If you have't seen your betta in a bigger/warmer/more decorated tank it can be hard to tell if they're truly happy or not. Dobbys so much happier and darker colored that I couldn't bring myself to put him into anything like he was in before now.
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Neil D
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^ almost everyone's betta colors up after their put into a larger tank with a heater. My guy is in a 10G too! He loves it
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