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Old 12-30-2012, 07:53 PM   #16071 
Join Date: Jul 2012
Location: Virginia
What does that face mean? But you said men. You have not met all men.
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I wouldn't say they're rare. They're usually just more conservative that the out going guys who create a bad rep for the good guys.
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To be totally honest, it's not really fair to ask "ALL MEN" to be understanding of women when women themselves also do not understand men. Men and Women speak different "languages". There is a really good book entitled: "Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars", which teaches the communication types in men and women.

Women take very small cues in the verbal language of their respective men. However men don't even speak like that, so the effort is always misconstrued as something else.

For example the following conversation:

Woman: What do you want to do tonight?
Man: we can do whatever

The woman immediately thinks stuff along the lines of: "Why is he not making a suggestion? I always make the suggestions. Maybe he doesn't even care enough about me to make a suggestion. How come he doesn't know what activities I like?"

The man actually means: "I just want her to be the happiest doing an activity she desires the most so I will let her pick"

Woman then gets upset at man, then man has no idea what he said wrong, then woman accuses him of being inattentive, guy is still confused, woman snowballs into rage.

It is neither fair for the guy nor the girl to be confused or angry respectively
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Old 12-31-2012, 05:39 AM   #16074 
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I just had a talk with MINE about being more affectionate. I am the one nowadays who hugs and kisses him and says I love you, etc.

I can't live like this anymore, the same old routine over and over and being the only one who is always making an effort. I know that he does other things to show he cares, but it isn't the same.

What is funny is that over the past week, on multiple occasions, I have told him outright pretty much I want more affection and it is like he ignores me about it. He seemed kinda confused that anything was wrong at all.

Nothing is WRONG, but I just can't fathom living like this forever. It didn't used to be like this. At least he heard me out and said he'll try more. We'll see how long that lasts.. :P

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Hey I'm a woman and I can say honesty most of the arguments are my fault. I confuse my poor husband to death and he hasn't ran away screaming yet. Lol

Ugh my throat is sore. Me and my sister who is also sick practically held eachother up yesterday at our family's get together. It would have been a cute picture too. Both of us laying on each other shoulders with our eyes closed at ages 26 and 34. My husband was laughing. My two neices and my two cousins (ages 6, 10, 10, and9) were all over him yesterday. I'm glad they aren't afraid of him anymore. They used to be afraid because of his size.
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Old 12-31-2012, 06:16 AM   #16076 
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Location: VA
Both BF and I can cause drama, we are both stubborn and both want things a certain way. Makes things...interesting, for sure

I AM glad that he puts up with my stuff. He really deserves credit, I know I am not always the easiest to deal with (and in return I deal with his stuff, cus he isn't all that that easy either! LOL)
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Location: Sorry, stalkers, but no.
In my own, honest opinion, I believe that BOTH women and men screw things up and are equally to blame.

It's just that both males and females mess different things up.

A lot of women, (mind my prejudice), tend to argue about tiny, incoherent things that do not actually need to be argued about. Women also can be incredibly vain, jealous, ignorant and hateful. But not every women.

Quite a large amount of men, on the other hand, usually do not stop and think twice before doing things. This isn't something more women do, hence why women give men the stereotype. Some men just don't think before saying something, doing something etc. They can and usually will just do something because it seems cool to do, or because their friends are doing it, or simply because they just can't think of why not to.

Some men also find it harder to understand women's logic, or problems in general, as do some women.

I also believe the prejudice of men and women also come from the fact that girls mature faster than boys. That is a fact. But it doesn't mean that some women are thoughtless, careless and ruthless. It doesn't mean some men aren't smart, polite, loyal etc.

It just means we as humans are diverse creatures, as we are intended to be. If we weren't, then our DNA would be identical.

Also, as for "all" men being pricks and "all" women being ruthless etc, I think it has a LARGE proportion to do with the people you are looking at, attracted to, and also where you are looking, and CLEARLY the group you hang with, who you know..

Although, there are going to always be those certain people out there who will be the best of foes and trick you about who they really are for a long time.

Life is a large school, we are always learning something new each day. Do not hate every male - everyone was put on this earth to learn. We just need to accept, learn from our mistakes, and move on.

Now that is all from me. :)

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Location: Santa Ana, CA
Originally Posted by Rosso1011 View Post
I hate all men!!!! Why do guys have to being so stupid?! Even the "good" ones! I'm hoping I can calm down from this mess from his lack of communication and inconsideration. Until then, everyone better stay out of this Aries path!
I'm a taurus and my boyfriend is an Aquarius and it shows because I have been trying to stick a horn where the sun don't shine and he don't feel it. Funny thing is his horoscope for today says he should let his instincts kick in today. He's a wonderful nice guy in all, but he can hardly tell when his girlfriend is getting impashient and upset with him.

Guess part of the problem is I moved across country he stayed in his dads basement working his dead end job. Literally same job since he's been in HS and no pay raise or promotion.

Any ways the first was his diet, not his weight which was horrible to begin with, but his diet. Oh I don't like veggies they make me gag, OH I don't eat fruit it's expensive. Koolaid and fries count... .... YEAH guess who got HBP. I know I should have pitied him but the only thing out of my mouth was "I - told you so! - -"

We didn't talk for a bit then surprisingly I saw him at downtown disney when a friend dragged me along. He now looked like Jabba the hutt. Think I am kidding he sent me a christmas picture with his aunt and mom and I didn't notice him because he LITERALLY looked like the couch. Awkward FB moment when you ask where he is in the picture and he's right there. HBP didn't encourage him any to improve his diet. Well we get back together under one condition he goes on a diet his doctor approves and no more of the "ew" talk. Yeah, guess who's on a low sodium, low carb diet. Should have listened before things got bad. He's proud he lost 2 pant sizes, but he's got 4 more to go before he's at the weight he was before I blew up at him. And he was large to begin with.

But that's not the issue, the issue is now I want to settle down and maybe start a family. Yeah, despite all the disagreements we have I still like him. The only problem now is he won't move out here, and he won't compermise either. I'm no longer in my 20s, and I have no desire to move back to the middle of no where and live in his fathers basement. If it ain't clear to you by now he content and fine living in his dads basement in the middle of timbuktoo.

-sigh- I should just quit trying to gore him and kick him in the water bucket.

It's funny some people swear off horoscopes but you realize how many times we've had freinds laugh and say "didn't you guys see this would happen your a bull he's a water balloon".

You should have read the facebook messages when we put it's complicated.

That's my vent, get a nice vent in before the old year ends. XD

-edit- Men may be stupid but woman are witches with a b in stead of the W. It's a balance.
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Location: Ohio, US
RoMay- sounds like you care abt him a lot. Remember though, any man that holds you back may not be worth the worry. It sounds like he isn't interested in advancing in life. I hope that all gets better. As for his weight I feel for you. I don't mind someone being big but you have to be healthy. I'm big but I am healthy and active and eat well. I am big because of thyroid issues. My husband is different than most big guys. He is about 6f 4 and weighs about 360lbs. But he isn't large and flabby. He's built different. He is strong as a mule too and lifts three hundred pound shafts at his job. I watched him lift a shed and move it back for his mom one day. I call him a weirdo all the time and he just laughs. I wish you the best and him too.
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Old 12-31-2012, 08:53 AM   #16080 
Join Date: Nov 2012
Location: Santa Ana, CA
Yes, there's a big differance between big and healthy, and poor diet big. in both apperances as well. You just don't get a healthy glow eating poorly and it sticks to you a whole lot worse. Think about it when I met him he refused to touch vegitables of any sort unless they were fried, and his sodium intake was well above adverage. Shoot he used a pound of butter to cook a single chicken breast once. And he's proved he can loose it with diet change, he just doesn't really want to. Upset him on christmas getting him a mens health book on what to eat and how much to eat.
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