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Old 09-03-2010, 11:31 AM   #311 
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Originally Posted by XSprinkleFaceX View Post
My boyfriend left today to go to a university four hours away. We have a really strong relationship and he said he'll try to come down here as much as he can so it could've been worst. But, I feel like extreme poop. Yah, we got skype and unlimited phone plans and stuff...but it's gonna suck cause whenever I need him, he's not gonna be here physically since he's the one that always makes me feel better when I'm angry or sad and now he's not gonna be here anymore to give me hugs or tickle me or shower me with kisses until i feel better. :( I've been having random cry's frustrating...especially when I watched him leave. He gave me his special soccer jacket that means ALOT (and i mean ALOT) to him...Gosh I miss him already...
Awwh I'm so sorry Sprinkle.. :( That makes me feel bad..
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Thanks Reyes. Don't feel bad!
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Hey guys! =D *waves* I'm alive again! And I come with Rant and Anti-Rant! =]

This post will be dedicated to RANTS

WHY IS PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION SO DIFFICULT?!?!?!!? I have to ride the bus to school (because it's in the 90's here (UHG)) and I don't have a bike right now. =/ I like the bus but the thing is that:
1) It's LATE half the time or like 10 minutes early (which I suspect is really just 30 minutes late)
2) I have to wait outside in the HOT sun and minimal breeze
3) If I forget my Student ID I have to pay fare
4) Campus is only a short walk away so I'm wasting fuel and harming the environment
5) I CAN'T STOP THE CRAZY THING!!!!! You would not BELIEVE how many times I've missed my stop and had to ride the ENTIRE circuit AT NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!! >.<

I made some absolutely AWESOME new friends but had to leave them back near my home town very shortly after I got to know them! >.<

I'm running out of the cookies I made and I have no way to make them up here as I don't have a mixing bowl, butter, chocolate chips, flour, sugar, baking soda, or eggs. =[ I've only got milk. (BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! X'D I'M SORRY!!!!!!!!)

I'm really getting in touch with my lactose intolerance. TTnTT I feel bad every time I have milk. =[

As I said earlier I don't have my bike. =/

My bank is merging with another bank and is only local. I had a MAJORLY hard time dealing with that during the summer asw my bank is up here at my college! >.< I'm looking for a national bank with free checking at the moment. Anyone got any suggestions? =]

The water here tastes funny and there's a different kind of film on the water. =/ I wanna test it but don't have any rubber gloves which I found out is necessary if I do the ammonia test. =/

My roommate can't STAND ANY light or noise AT ALL when she sleeps and she wakes up HOURS after I do. I have to dress in the dark as quietly as possible after having set everything out the night before. =/ I also brush my teeth downstairs because I'm pretty sure it'd make too much noise. =/ All in all that's not that bad I guess I'm just not used to the new routine. I'm getting there though. =]

I started my "time" pills on Sunday and my "time" has just now arrived. >=/ I need to start a new pack of Birth Control on Sunday. >=/ This is ruining my plans for the weekend but then again I DID pray to stall my "time" so I've only messed myself up.

OH! I fell out of bed the night before last. My bed is 3 feet off the ground. When I landed I landed on my mouth. I have BRACES. I think I passed out after I managed to get back in bed. Fortunately my roommate IS PRETTY DARN AWESOME (other than the sleeping habits I mean it! She's AWESOME!!! Environmentalist and EVERYTHING!) and immediately woke up, asked if I was OK and needed help. Me being the stubborn idiot that I am though THOROUGHLY INSISTED I was FINE. So I passed out and woke the next morning with a KILLER mouth ache. I decided to skip my IMPORTANT ECON class and my not so important American popular music class to recuperate. I went back to sleep then got up at 12. I looked at my mouth in the mirror and it looked like I'd lost a fight! My lip was (and still is) MAJORLY swollen and I found that my top wire and 3 of my top brackets (that I know of) have popped off my teeth. =[ My Orthodontist is back in my home town. =[ Nobody back there OR up here is open till TUESDAY!!!! D,8 My teeth are stuck like this and sore till then!!!! >.< Uhg! This all happened because I tucked in the bed on the outside so I think I tried to get up in the night, my legs got caught, and my torso kept truckin. =/ *shrugs* Thank The Lord my mom and I bought an absolutely MASSIVE bottle of ibuprofen before we left! <3 LOVE my mom!!!

I also found out my sister's fish died. We think it was her awful roommate. >=[

I'm sure I have something else I could rant about right now but I can't think! XD
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Anti Rant time! =D

He moved in last night! =] He's also bringing up my bike and some other stuff and asked my mom to come! =] I'm hoping things work out! <=] I can't wait to see them! ESPECIALLY my mom! <3

GENIE HANDLED THE MOVE LIKE A TROOPER! <3 He's such a good boy! <3

My TOWN HOUSE!!!! (It's a townhouse!!!!! =D) Is AMAZING! It's old, energy in-efficient, REALLY creaky with a TINY washer and dryer but it's OURS! <3 We have our room laid out in a nice cool fashion and I'm starting to really decorate it! <3

I GOT A NEW PRINTER!!! AND IT HAS A SCANNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8D If I EVER draw chibis again I can scan them and share them! Along with the chibis I already drew! =]

My Roommate is AWESOME!!!!! =D She's a member of the environmentalist group and she's REALLY cool! She's a vegetarian! I think I can more easily make the switch now! Especially if I watch her and go by example! =] We're gonna walk around DC some time soon on a day trip (the environmentalist group) and I'm SO excited! I just hope I can stop being desperately awkward long enough to make some friends! XD

I'M GETTING MY BIKE SOON!!! AND THEY"RE PUTTING A PERCH ON IT!!!! Or something! =] They can't put a basket on it but my mom and I figure when the metal thingy is on there that we can just zip-tie a basket to it and I can have something to put my backpack and groceries in! =] NO MORE BUS WHEN IT COOLS OFF!!!!!! 8D I just gotta learn to ride in traffic..... <8[ Heaven help me and my klumsy self.

I'm taking a rather difficult but REALLY EXCITING course this semester! It's the core course for the sustainability minor and I'm SO EXCITED!!!! I have to do 25 hours of volunteer work along with writing papers but that's ok! =]

THE FARMERS MARKET IS BACK ON CAMPUS!!!! I can have fresh fruit and veggies grown sustainably, locally, and best of all I can get them conveniently! =] I missed it this week but next week I'm ALL OVER that thing! =]

I made a BAD WORD TON of milk chocolate chip cookies using toll house chips and recipe! <3 they're delicious!!!8] But I'm running out. ='[ I think I also gained 10 lbs... seriously... but if it's all cookie weight it was well worth it. >=] Speaking of which.... It's cookie time! 8D *runs downstairs for a cookie*

I'm reading this AWESOME book called "Deep Economy" by Bill McKibben! =] It's Great! And they're having a book festival at a near by school and we're taking a day trip in my sustainability class to go see him!!!! I'm SOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!! I can't wait to hear him talk! He's a GREAT writer and a GREAT environmentalist! He REALLY gets you thinking about what Sustainability really is! =] (you should totally read his books)

3 day weekend because of Labor day! =D

I've got more comic books!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3<3

I made some AWESOME WONDERFUL FUNNY new friends near the end of summer! <3 They're amazing! I miss them!

I'm setting up the 5 gallon soon but I'm gonna wait till I've re-researched everything and I've got a solid plan. Luckily I think If I asked a week or so ahead of time my roommates would DEFINITELY give me a ride to the pet store so show me the best way to get there by bus. =]

When it cools down a bit I'll be walking and biking everywhere and therefore burning calories! =] I'm hoping to lose 20-30 lbs! =]

I straightened out everything with my nearly ex-friend and we're cool now. I don't really trust her anymore and I don't feel for her the same way I used to but that's how it goes. =/

OPPS forgot a rant! =[ I'll post that later.

I'm sure there's a TON more great things but I'm having trouble thinking now! XD

So there's my anti-rant bit! =]

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Location: Currently East Coast
Rant I forgot:
My friend's mom is REALLY SICK. She has cysts and they're attaching to her vital organs. If she doesn't have surgery soon she'll die. Problem is her body's not accepting vitamins! <8'[ PLEASE pray for her if you believe in Prayer! She really needs our help!
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thats a lot of rants! lol you have so much going on in your life right now dont you
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And the trolling continues... Did a bit of research... Found out this guy has MANY different fake profiles, and is currently harassing a bunch of other memorial pages.

This makes me want to become a hacker, just so I can track him down. Grr!!!!!
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Old 09-04-2010, 12:34 AM   #318 
Betta Slave
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Location: Canada, eh?
Jerk. >.< (Him, not you!)

Blargh. I'm all stuffed up. One of my friends gave me her cold. One of my ears won't pop and my nose is all blocked up >.<

Anti-rant- Yay! I can write! Why is is that I can write better after ten PM?
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I don't understand why FB won't block IPs in that case. Unless he's dedicated to switching computers all the time to harass people. In which case, yikes. Sorry MB. I totally understand your frustration.
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I've contacted everyone from facebook developers, to my local police department. Hopefully something can be done.
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