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Lightbulb Snails for breeding tanks?

Wasn't sure if the breeders here new about this or not? (I'm sure you guys have! Just wanted to hear your responses to this)

"Another practical snail use is originating nutrient cycling. To start up new systems Socolof mentions the genus Ampullaria (mystery, apple snails) for culturing infusoria, a microscopic amalgamation used as a first food for egglayers. Snails bring along the starter culture for this critter bouillabaisse wherever they go." - Cited by Wet Web Media

Was wondering if anyone else has tried this out? The only danger behind this is that snails (without discrimenation) will eat fry along with thier normal diet. I've never raised a fry before, but are they really -that- slow that they couldn't escape a snail? lol?
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I have been using common type snails like ramshorn, pond and trumpet in my betta spawning tanks going on 11 years now-without any issues, I have never seen them cause any problems with the nest or eggs or even young wigglers and fry and I have lots of snails in their tanks.

The commons snails I have help to create infusoria and other micro-nutrient/critters, clean up left over food and eat the dead and dying plant matter as well as eat any dead fry

I have never kept the mystery or apple snails so I can say they cause any problems for eggs and fry-they are much bigger than my common snails with the biggest I have being about the size of a quarter

I know a lot of critters can get blamed for things like this especially when they are seen eating a fry and most likely the fry was already dead or dying or in a nest full of fungus eggs.
Same with plants-some snails can get blamed for eating plants when they are eating either dead or dying plants...but some do really eat live plants too but very few will.
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I used pond and trumpet snails in my tanks as well and I didn't see any problem with them. If anything my only problem is my snail populations took off because I was over feeding and not doing enough water changes.
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