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Just to remove any confusion on betta care:

Ok I wanna make this thread so that any newbies to the hobby can understand the care of bettas. I know we might have a million of these but heres one from one of the first succesful breeders on the forum (jeje I'm so loved lol, BTW I wanna apologize for not being on the site for such a long time I've been pretty busy, as usual).

Ok heres the thing whatever you choose as the home for your betta depends on why you have the betta.

If your a breeder you cant buy hundreds of 2.5 or 5 gallon tanks (but these are the BEST homes even bigger works too ;) ) but you can afford 1 quart to 1 gallon jars (and if you cant WHY are you breeding bettas?). But a better solution is a large 30+ gallon tank (heating and gentle filtration) with a plastic canvas divider system for the males and your females can swim free together.

If you want a pet betta, I reccomend AT LEAST 2.5 gallons with a small heater and small sponge or corner bububble filter. If you have the rooms I'd go as far as reccomending a 10 gallon heating and gentle power filter for one male betta, or four (NO MORE) female bettas. If you have even more room I'd go with a large community tank of tropical fish that are compatible with the betta (white clouds, cory cats, jumbo neons (because bettas do like to eat the small ones).

If you want a betta for your desk at work I reccomend that you try to get at least 2 gallons but if you cant have anything bigger than that heres what I reccomend:
A one gallon bowl (most of the time you can lie and say its half gallon if it looks like it) some nice natural gravel, and a live plant (be sure to get rid of dead leaves when you clean your bowl). As long as the room is warm your betta should be fine.

Betta Food:
I reccomend HBH Betta Bites, I've used this food for years and love how much the bettas like it too. As a breeder I have several different foods and frozen and freeze dried bloodworms. But if you have one pet betta a single food should be fine. The best meal for a betta is 3 pellets of food once a day no more no less

Ok so if you have a betta in a 1 gallon bowl you need to clean him or her once a week. First, get the cup your betta came in at the pet store (keep both cup and lid) and scoop out your betta and snap on the lid (IMPORTANT!! THEY WILL JUMP). Set your betta aside. Take your bowl to a sink and carefully dump out the water (so none of the gravel goes down the drain). Now take out your live plant and remove any dead leaves, rinse it under some room temperature water. Now get hot water and rinse out your gravel at least four or five times. Now put your live plant in the gravel and fill the bolw up with room temperature water and add your water conditioner (I LOVE Stress Coat it keeps your fish from stressing during everyday things). I also drop a little Stress Zyem it adds good bacteria to the gravel and plant to help break down waste while the betta is not getting a water change. Be sure to leave your bowl sitting for a at least half an hour so the betta wont freak out in a different water temperature.

If your tank is 2.5 gallons you can use a tank syphon to remove wast and do a 50% water change once a week. THIS IS FOR TANKS WITH FILTRATION.

If you tank is 5+ gallons a 50% water change is fine once a month. THIS IS FOR TANKS WITH FILTRATION.

Supplies for a betta:
One gallon bowl or tank 2.5 gallons plus.

Natural gravel

One live plant for bowls and several for tanks

Small fish net (preferably a brine shrimp net, theyre softer on bettas fins)

A small corner filter or sponge filter for tanks smaller than 5 gallons.

A 25 watt heater for tanks 2.5 gallons and 5 gallons 50 watt for 10

Betta Food (preferably pellets)

Water conditioner ( Like Stress Coat and Stress Zyme)


Aquarium salt, keeps your betta safe from bugs like Ich and Velvet.
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Very nice guide for newbies. Good work
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Very nice, Dominnic and welcome back!!
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Good Guide!
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Thank you all I came back on the forum for a long absence (again REALLY sorry about that) and saw a lot of questions on basic care and decided to make this.
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