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Old 08-15-2010, 09:48 PM   #1 
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EMERGENCY: need to cool betta tank

ok well i just got hom from work and i guess my a/c stoped working sometime today. i walked in and the house was over 90 degrees... so i opened some windows and stuff... then i relized i should check nemos tank and his temp was around 87... i feel so bad for the little guy im trying to find way to cool his tank down as i dont know when my manager is going to come in and fix the a/c. BTW i live in FL.

right now im placeing one small ice cube in the filter asembly to help cool returning water... dont even know if i should be doing that as it might shock him if he swims threw the water return

**edit** also its a 10 gal tank, its nemo and 2 spotted corys that im trying to cool down, runs a standard 5-15 filter

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He should be fine. Some people have bred bettas at 90 degrees F (though I prefer 82 to 84 degrees) just try to make sure the temp dosen't get higher.
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The ice method is good but I would place it in a ziplock bag so it doesn't mixes up with your tank water since the tap water isn't treated.
He will be fine!
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thats the thing im worried about is tomarrow. the temps outside hit 100 and normaly the house isnt far behind without the a/c, i guess ima just hope for the best
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Yea, unfortuently my house -stays- around 87 degrees right now due to a poor air-conditioner and a shotty house. The temp of the tank, unfortuently, stays around 85-86. Riddle, my betta, seems perfectly fine with it though, hes not over-ly active, and nor does he lazy about at all either.

Although, I'm unsure myself and was wanting to know, in this case (That of labledsk8er) should they be careful when lowering the tank back down to normal tempreture? As to avoid the beta getting sick due to temp swing?

Also to Vilmaris, I don't believe treating the water with ice is at all a good idea. This creates uneven distribution of cold water through out the tank, which generally isn't healthy for the fish. The fluctuation of doing this would be to radical to control. Or atleast thats what I believe some of the veterans have said.
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