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New Betta Fish, I need help on taking care of him

I'm not sure if my new betta fish has fin rot or not, but I'm pretty sure he does. I got him from wal-mart yesterday he was the only one there and he was sitting in dirty water and looked unhappy and hardly moving around. So i thought i should buy him to save him. He's living in a gallon sized tank right now and he seemed to be happier and blowing the bubbles, but i dont know what to do for his fin rot, and if i should buy those tap water cleaners, or anything. Basically just need help taking care of him. I know they eat pellets and blood worms. What else does he need? and how often do i change his water? like every week? i havent had fish since i was little so it's hard to remember.
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Welcome to the wonderful world of Betta keeping....

In a 1g unfiltered container-I would make every-other day 100% water changes to maintain water quality. This will also help fin issues and promote healing. If the fins start to look worse-I would increase the water changes to 100% daily with aquarium salt 1tsp/gal for 10 days

The water changes alone are often all that needs to be done with ammonia burn fins from pet shop poor water
You should start to see improvement within a week or so

Make sure to keep the water temp within a couple of degrees between new and old water and use a good dechlorinator if on city water supply with water changes and any new water added to the fish.

You may also need to look into getting a heater 7.5w and keep the water temp in the 76-80F area since they are tropical fish and add some hiding places and/or plants real or silk to help give him a sense of security.

Love to see pics of your new wet-pet and set up.....
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thank you oldfishlady :D that helped a lot. The main concern I have is his Fin rot and I named him bosco and you can see his picture now (:
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