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Betta bowl?

Hey there! Here's an issue that new owners should read (if they haven't done their research on bettas) so here I'll tell whats wrong with betta bowls (and worse vases >:[) and show you how to set up and maintain a proper betta bowl. NOTE: I honestly don't think you should use this setup as anything more than a temporary setup unless you absoultely need to.

Myth Number 1: Bettas thrive in small amounts of water:
WRONG. Bettas thought can live in small amounts of water thrive in larger (2.5 gallons plus).

Myth Numer 2: Bettas thrive at room temperature:
WRONG AGAIN!!! Bettas prefer warm temperatures around 80 degrees.

Myth Number 3: Bettas Don't Need Filters:
True but also wrong. Bettas don't need filters but they do love nice clean water. A gentle bubble filter works great for bettas.

Step 1: Get your supplies:
1. At least half gallon bowl
2. gravel
3. water conditioner
4. live plastic or silk plant.

Name:  betta bowl supplies.jpg
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Step 2: Rinse your bowl and gravel:

Name:  rinsing betta bowl.jpg
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Step 3: Add your gravel.

Name:  adding gravel.jpg
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Step 4: Add your plant and water:

Name:  add water.jpg
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Step 5: Condtition your water:

Name:  conditioning water.jpg
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Maintaining your betta bowl:

Feed your betta once everyother day (less food>less waste>cleaner water).

Clean your betta bowl once or more per week.

Kepp the bowl in a warm room (BUT keep it out of sunlught and near heating vents).

Good luck with your betta bowl.

NOTE: I know I'll get a lot of angry forum users for this post.

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I don't see anything particularly wrong with this post <.< This is completely plausable. Its low on information, but this will also make sure the reader doesn't stray from the -important- details of the basics. The only thing I think should be explained -better- is, "Clean you betta bowl once or more a week". I don't think, personally, that a new reader would understand what you mean by that (As if, they might think they can just srubbed the inside glass ont he tank, without a water change, lol) or something of that matter. =)

Edited: I looooove organized posts like this, so you definently get a thumbs up for that.
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This sounds really good!
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It sounds fine to me. I had one that lived in a half gallon for 3 years and he never got sick. He died of old age. I do believe that bigger is better, though.
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