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I think you could fit more in there. You have plants which the stocking calculator can't take into effect. You would have to detract some because your tank is taller rather than wide (less surface area). I think you could have 2-4 more guppies if you wanted without problems.

I agree on waiting a while before adding them. You wouldn't want a mini-cycle.
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Nobody wants a mini cycle!! I'm sure I'll add more later. It gives me an excuse to haunt the fish section. :D

I did really want a dwarf Gourami but I was so afraid I'd end up with the same situation I had with Tango. Better safe then sorry. Maybe for my birthday I can get a 20 long and have a pair!

The guppies are SO cute. They ate flakes this morning and right now they're doing this merry go round schooling routine across the front of the tank. It looks like water ballet! The black tux (Athos) is off on his own a lot. He's a loner!

I named the yellow d'Artagnan because he's different. The spotted boy is Porthos (if you saw the disney Musketeers, his spots reminded me of the sash that came as a gift from the Queen of America) and finally the flashy orange/pink boy is Aramis. He's a ladies man! :D
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