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I'm probably just being paranoid... but

Got a new veiltail a few days ago, first few days he was zipping about happily, today i went to wally-world and picked up one of those funny looking heaters and a temp gauge. I had came home few hours ago and i found Leviathan at the bottom of the tank, kinda, gave the spot where he was a tap and he started moving after a bit.

I dont know he kinda seems lazy now, he keeps hideing under the little bridge that i have in the tank... was he just sleeping? perhapes i made him grumpy by waking him up? and yes it was pretty dark in the room except for the light that the tank has.
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Is the heater you got an adjustable one? Quickly changing the temperature can put a lot of stress on your betta. This is part of why we recommend heaters with an adjustable temperature dial--this way, when you get your heater you can slowly adjust it upward a degree at a time over the course of a couple days until he is in the target temperature range. Non-adjustable heaters often don't heat the water enough, or overheat the water depending on the ambient temperature of the room. They also don't give the user enough stability or control. If you're unsatisfied with your heater, I suggest returning it in favor of one of these:
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I was wondering if that might have been the problem too, I had gotten the temp gauge for that reason the heater was suppose to work slower, then others. it only went up about 8 or 9 degrees since i got it ( I mis-calculated, about a day and a half its been in the tank) looking as if it had stopped at 80... which kind of upsets me cause its suppose to bring it up to 84 and doesent seen to get up any more. I had fallen asleep and woke up, to see that my betta now likes to stay perfectly still while sitting in between the glass and the heater thats there. maybe hes just lounging?

Oh and will he be alright sitting in between that heater/glass like that? normal?

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My bettas both sit in between the heater and the glass, i swear they're in love with their heaters haha. I think its just a nice place to lounge for them :3

About the rest of your post though, maybe he's just adjusting to his new home, or the new temperature. Not sure though, I'm sure someone else can shed some light on the subject!
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My betta has lazy days sometimes, but he's in perfect health. Some days he will patrol his tank without end, and other days he'll hang out in his betta log or in plants for long periods of time. Your betta could have been very active before because of his new environment, and maybe now he's settling in. As long as he's not lying on his side or not eating, it's not much to worry about. Sometimes they just like to rest, I think.
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