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May as well add my opinion to it all. :)

Originally Posted by Ivanrad View Post
So basically i am a n00b at this new hobby ive started to develop.. basically i went to my local pet store not petco... and bought a beta fish.
After buying the bowl, then conditioner, then food. I really started to enjoy my betta fish and now its my hobby. My sister got jealous and started to cry so i decided to surprise her.. i bought her a fat 2gallon tank and a beautiful rainbow betta (not really rainbow.. but close)
She was so happy...
Now my Betta is in a 1Gal tank with rainbow rocks at the bottom and a fake plant in the middle... so far ive been feeding it hikari food 3 pellets a day and i just love these fish. Ive changed its water once which i took the fish out with a plastic cup that i carefully washed (not with soap) and i changed the fishes water completely.. made sure the conditioner sat and my fish is as happy as can be making bubbles etc..

My real question now is i really want to invest a lot of money to make this fish last cause its absolutely the most colorful and cool pet ive ever had..

What is the best amount of gallons to maximize the Betta fishes life span? ( not 60 gallons but im thinking more 10 gallons)
Anything 2 gallons and larger is fine. A larger tank requires less water changes. I really like 5 gallons. I feel you can do a lot more with the space, but it's not too large.

Filter? ( if so what brand and type?)
I know they are rather small and are ment for smaller tanks, but I like the Red Sea Nano filter. They're inexpensive and you can adjust the water flow next to nothing.

Rocks? ( normal ? or more softer?)
I love the more natural look. I use natural colored gravel, but that's personal opinion. Make sure the rocks are not jagged is all.

Food? ( is there a better food than hikari? )
Pellets I feed Atison's, Omega One Betta Buffet Pellets, and frozen blood worms and I'm going to try daphnia today. :)

Heater? ( Ive read that betta fish are tropical and require a heater? , What temp and what brand )
I have a Hydor Theo and I really like it. I also have a Marinland in a 20 gallon and it seems fine too. The wattage is going to depend on the size of tank you decide on. The package will say what tank sizes in is good for.

Accessories? ( i hear that a giant rock or castle can make the betta fishes environment more fun ?)
Accessories make your whole tank look more gorgeous. They're just as much for for your beta. They like to have "hidey holes" as I call them. Or something cave like they can go in and feel secure. Thick plants either live or silk, not plastic, that reach almost the top of the water. I also really like the floating betta logs. Mine enjoy theirs. :)

What else should i know i want to baby the crap out of this fish and my sister wants to make a beautiful scenery along with maximizing the fishes environment.
Research! There's plenty of information in the sticky's on this website. Read them all.

I dont want to spend thousands but im willing to spend about 200$ on everything.

If anyone can text i would love to have a conversation about the best care i can give to this fish!

I am also interested in breeding !

I highly do not recommend breeding unless you know what you're doing. Do you know how you would find homes for possibly 100+ fish? Not all petstores will just accept your fish. It requires a lot of time and research to be successful. You don't just breed your dog because you think it would be fun and want to see the results or have the experience, do you?
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