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Some newbie questions :)

Hello all! I am new here :)
I have had bettas for many years in the past and it has been about 5 years since my last betta...I joined the forum to get updated health care information as I feel like I am relearning how to care for these little guys again.

This is my half moon betta, we have settled with the name Midnight:

He is currently in a 10 gallon with two plants. There is thermometer stuck to the side of the tank. I am getting him a water heater tomorrow. I have been suggested by others to get gravel etc, but I am a fan of the bare bottom tanks. Perhaps add a few more plants? Is there anything you would suggest?

More photos of him here on my site.

I bought him some betta pellets on the day we bought him (2 days ago) and he has refused to eat it and has not eaten anything for 2 days. Is this normal for a new betta? I have never had picky eating bettas in the past and it puzzles me. I am planning on grabbing some blood worms as well as betta flakes tomorrow when I pick up the heater.

Thank you for any input
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Hi and welcome to the forums!

Its ok if you dont add gravel to the tank. But try to provide "toys" for your betta to play. Provide more plants also.
It's perfectly normal for a new betta not to eat. there are a few reasons.
- Not used to the new food, he could probably be fed bloodworms or anything else in the pet store
- Getting used to the environment. I've had a new betta that didnt eat anything for 4 days after I got him. The bloodworms simply sank to the bottom. On the 5th day, i dropped a bloodworm down, and watch his movements. Surprisingly, he stares at it and sucked it up!
Good luck for your first betta (again ).
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