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Tank temperature

OK, I am cycling my 2.5 gallon tank (with filter) fishless right now and the temp seems to vary between 77F (light off, at night) and 82F (light on, during the day) which seems like quite a large swing to me. But I worry if I get the 7.5W heater that maybe it will be too hot since you can't set a temp on one that small? Am I right to be turning the light on and off in day/night cycles?

Also, I will be getting plants soon; does that help with regulating temp at all? Probably not but I'm a total noob, so...
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ok first off a 2.5g wont cycle for you. the min for cycling would be 5g. you'll have to upgrade OR leave your 2.5g uncycled... water changes for a 2.5g would be 100% twice per week

i used small heater pads in my 2.6g and they work quite well. they arent expensive and defo wont overheat your tank caus they arent very strong... if you can find an adjustable glass heater it would be even better as they keep the temp much more stable.
if you do upgrade, obviously a heater to match the 5g is needed.

plant wont influence temp at all

keep us updated on what your gonna do
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I think 2.5 gallons can cycle if it has a filter.
If you have an incandescent bulb in there, that is probably what is making your water fluctuate. They heat the water up. If you get a fluorescent bulb (walmart has one thats 10 watt for small tanks) it won't do that and it has better lighting.
But it's good to have a heater anyway to keep the water at a specific place.
But either way (whether it cycles or not) it should be fine as long as you keep the maintainance up and keep it clean. It is better to cycle though, cause otherwise you have to watch it more.

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Yes, I have read that you can cycle a 2.5gal as long as there is a filter. I'm going to try, anyway.

I'll look for a fluorescent bulb. The fixture in the tank is different from what I thought it would be so I have to figure out how to get one that fits! (Aqueon Mini Bow)
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Lion Mom
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One like this would work, wouldn't it?
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