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So I have a neighbor who I am housesitting for. Her betta is in a like half gallon bowl and the last few times i have come to house sit it has been in only like an inch of water. I always change its water and try to make it happier. I am really considering just taking it home and dividing one of my tanks until i can afford another one for it. I guess i would have to tell her it died but im not sure she would really even notice. This obviously is something that im not sure would be the right thing to do but its just my gut instinct. I suppose i could tell her to get a better tank, but I am somewhat shy and wouldnt want to come off rude to her or anything. what do you guys think i should do and if you think i should tell her to get a better tank w/ a heater , what would a polite way to do this be?
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The easy way would be to tell her it died, and that you threw out the container because it smelled and was beyond hope of cleaning. You don't want to leave an open betta container there for her to look at and think "I might as well get another!"

The "right" thing to do would be to ask if you could take it home--tell her that a lot of people don't realize that bettas need a lot more to thrive than what she is inclined to give it, and that it would be easier for her and better for the fish for you to take it. Make sure you don't leave the container behind, though. We don't want her getting a new one.
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Maybe this person doesn't understand the proper care Bettas need. Sadly, petstores often give people bad advice. You might could print out a sheet listing all the care a Betta needs. Or, ask her straight out if you could have the fish. Maybe do both..?

I would be tempted to use the "your fish died" idea, however they may end up buying another fish. You wouldn't want anymore fish to be kept in those conditions. So, I think you do need to let them know about the kind of care the fish really needs.

Maybe just start out the conversation something like this, "I have been admiring your Betta fish and it got me interested in learning more. After doing some online research, I found out that..." And you can maybe have a printed fact sheet ready to hand them at this point. If they seem unconcerned or uninterested, maybe then you could ask if you could have the fish. If they say no, there isn't much more you can do. But at least do try to inform them of the care the fish needs.

Good luck!
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It's totally up to you, but I'd go with the second option. The lady could blame you for the bettas death, or figure out it was you who took it from her. If she really wanted a fish, she would get another one even if she didn't have the cup. Maybe not, but it's always better to take the better option, even if it means it's harder....
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I would ask for it, and if the answer is no, then hand them a sheet, saying "Well, I have a betta fish, and I know how to take care of them."
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I'd be SORELY tempted to just steel the little guy away to safety but I gotta agree that you should ask for the little guy first and try to educate the owners. =/
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Kind of curious, how is it going?
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Most people at petstores know nothing. But I went to a different petsmart the other day, and the lady accually knew somthing about bettas!!! She was telling people about how they need at least 2.5 gallons and a heater!!! I was so impressed! But i WAS JUST GETTING SOME FLOATING plants.
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