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Is this Normal Behavior?

I have been observing strange activities with Sonic for the last couple weeks. For one, he swims laps around the perimeter of the tank for about a minute at high speed. Another (less common) activity is swimming from the top to a bottom corner, barrel rolling in the process. Also whenever he is fed, he will not eat unless I put the pellets/flakes/bloodworms in the current from the output of the filter, while he hides under the filter, then chased them to the side and traps them in the plants to eat them. Is this normal for bettas? Or is something wrong perhaps with his coordination, balance, brain, etc? Thanks for any answers.
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What size tank is he in? Some of those behaviors sound like he's bored. Try giving him a mirror to flare at for 10 minutes a day or so and giving him a ping pong ball to chase around the tank.
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My bettas dont even flare at eachother anymore, lol I think they've gotten used to eachother. They used to flare nonstop (the tanks are next to eachother) but now they just chill.

I use the ping pong ball thing, I have one in every tank!! :) Maybe put a ghost shrimp or 2 in the tank to give him something to chase around, or add a snail for him to experiment with.

Rearrange decor, feed him some live food (fruit flies are one of my favourite), etc. Things like that to keep him from being bored.
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