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Always always ALWAYS do your research before even considering buying any animal. And while plenty pet store employees are misinformed, MANY ARE NOT. Weeding out the bad from the good can be difficult sometimes, which is why it is entirely up to you to read up on any potential animal. You shouldn't rely on someone else to do your homework.

I work at PetSmart, and find it entirely insulting when people say not to listen to pet store employees. Yes, this person was completely wrong, but you should have researched everything first, and then you could have taught them something.

If someone asks me to start from square one about fishkeeping, I brief them about cycling, stocking, why goldfish aren't great first pets, and how bettas are the most abused fish in the fish trade, and then write down many useful URLs (such and to tell them to research before even buying a tank. Many of them thank me for my references and leave happy and satisfied, and I'm happy because I feel like I've given someone a great start into a great (and addictive) hobby.

Try to do some extra chores and pick up a few extra dollars. With that, you can find a cheap 5 gallon set-up and divide it. WalMart has the Hawkeye system for $25, plus you'd need a heater (about $10) and gravel/decor (around $20). With that set-up, you're less likely to spill water onto the floor because you aren't trudging back and forth with a slippery bowl every time you do 100% water changes. You will only have to do about 30% a week into a sturdy bucket with a handle, therefore it would be less likely to spill everywhere. Your bettas will also be much healthier and you can see their true personalities.
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I feel AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! My mom told me, "Just quit worrying. Keep them together and if they get hurt, which they probably won't, you'll know not to do that next time. The people at Petsmart are experts and know what they say." Somehow, I got persuaded by my mom to believe the dude at the store, and decided that I could keep them together. Then, about a week later, the female betta was hurt by the male and almost lost her eye. I wanted to DESTROY that employee who told me I could keep them together!!! Luckily, I seperated them, nursed her back to health, and gave her to my grandma who bought her a tank and adopted her. I do not blame my male betta for this situation, only that employee, because bettas naturally hurt each other and he was just following his instincts. I still have my male betta in great health and will never ever put bettas together again or believe anyone who says I can.
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*hugs Bluebetta90* Sometimes being young comes with making young mistakes. When getting a pet like a cat a lot of people don't to research either, food, water, plaything, shots, and a litter box are common things people know they need and usually the cats do fine. Why? Because people /know/ these things and cat's wont drop dead from tiny mistakes.

When it comes to fish people in large just don't acutally have common knowledge of their particulars - especially children who believe what their parents and adults say.

Now you know better though hun and you won't make the same mistakes. Hopefully with some money saving you can get your boy a larger home but even if you can't proper care and heat will keep him happy as long as you don't forget. <3

Good luck sweetie.
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Originally Posted by Betta Slave View Post
Look on Kijiji or Craigslist for cheap tanks as well... sometimes you'll find free aquariums. I'm two years older than you are (not much of a difference) and I can afford tanks- They're not that expensive if you know where to look.

And yeah, don't believe the employees at pet stores. They don't know what the heck they're talking about...
I'm your age then :)

Originally Posted by ReyesBetta View Post
I'm 13 and in 8th grade starting next week and I save every penny I get to buy my betta stuff, I've even got about $75 to buy another setup!
I'm your age too lol.


Never keep them together. Males and females are only put together for breeding. They will tear eachother up. Humph wise betta breeder has spoken JK. But seriously I've been breeding these fish since I was in 5th grade (I'm now in 8th) so I've seen exactly what these guys can do to each other.

I'm glad you got them seperated. Here's what I do I pretend not to know anything about them and then ask questions at petstores the second they tell me something I wrong I tell them I breed these fish and correct them down to the last little detail.....hehe.

Try informing them about bettas since they are an extrmemely abused fish because people have no idea what they're talking about.
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