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Exclamation First time dealing with Ick

I think one of my bettas has Ick. I noticed he had some white patches on his right fin yesterday. Acting normal and eating, so he is not too stressed. I just put him in a 1 gal bowl with aquariam salt.

He was in a divided 5 gal. Also his tank buddy seems fine. Water stays around 78-80 degress and is filtered. I took out all the water and rinsed everything in steamy hot water several times. Right now everything that was in the tank in soaking in hot water loaded with aquarium salt.

Is there anything else I need to do or missing? I've never dealt with this before.
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Ich is a parasite so you should probably treat both fish if they're in a divided tank. Turn the heat up to 84-86*F to speed up the life cycle of the ich then add something like Quick Cure. You get get it from walmart and it's easy to dose and I've had good success with it.

Treat for two weeks. You should stop seeing the ich after a week but continue to treat for another week to make sure you completely kill the ich.
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my Bubblez had ich bad when i got him from petco and i bought some
kordon rid iche
disease treatment
controls ich and other external protozoan, dinoflagellate and fungal deises of fishes
[for fresh and saltwater] hope it works as quick as it did 4 me best of luck]
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Are you sure it's ich? I wouldn't describe ich as white patches. It usually is not concentrated in one spot like you've described--it looks like tiny white salt grains have been scattered evenly across the fish's body.

White patches like you're describing could just be a normal color change--some bettas change color throughout their lifetime. If the texture of the scales look normal and there's been no change in behavior, your fish is probably fine.
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