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Plants and algae

So I put one amazon sword, one micro sword and two of these "bulbs" from Walmart in my 5 gallon tank and for a while the tank was fine. But as of late a ton of algae has been growing in the tank. Like literally in a week. I recently trimmed all the plants and I have added plant nutrient quite regularly until now. Are the plant nutrients that I'm adding to the water leading to this algae boom I seem to be having? Any suggestions anyone as to how to keep the algae level down? I was thinking a snail or maybe an oto catfish or less light? Anything?!?! Thanks everyone!!
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it's most likely the plant stuff you're putting in. you can find a new brand of it, or get a few apple snails in there.
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I dont think you have to buy another fertilizer, just use less. I would say to cut the dose in half.
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It seems counter intuitive, but typically with planted tanks you add more light not less light with algae problems. You need to try and get your plants to absorb the CO2 and nutrients from the water before the algae can use it. Depending on your fertilizer levels you may need to cut back on that as well. The battle against algae can really be a challenge in a planted tanks. Read up on it at a website like
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