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A Few Questions

Okay, since I'm a first time betta owner, I have no clue as what some of the terms (that seem important) mean.

So, here come the questions:

1. What's cycling a tank?

2. What's baffeling a filter?

3. What are the sponges used for in filters? (I saw a topic on this somewhere in this forum, just can't find it)

I'm also looking to put some live plants in his tank, could you recommend some??
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Hi there. =]

There's actually a really nice topic about cycling here;
It's a little confusing but it's better then any answer that I can give you about cycling.

Baffeling a filter is when you modify the outflow portion of the filter so that it doesn't create a surface current. Surface currents arn't good for the fish because it can push them around if it's strong enough. Not all filters need to be baffled though. This topic here shows step by step instructions along with pictures on how to use a water bottle to baffle a filter.

A lot of people also use a rubber band and a sponge to baffle their filter; I'm guessing that's what you saw regarding your third point. :)

I currently don't have any live plants so I can't recommend any. I'll be watching this topic for other member's suggestions though. :3
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Cycling in a nutshell is adding a source of ammonia, letting the parameters go high, then drop. Then watching the nitrItes ( which where converted from ammonia) parameters rise a fall. Then watching the nitrAtes ( which were converted from the nitrItes ) rise and fall then doing a massive water change. You cycle because you want to grow a colon of beneficial bacteria, which will convert ammonia to nitrAtes, which is less lethal to fish compared to ammonia or nitrItes, so you don't have to do as frequent water changes to keep your fish alive
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