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HM's :)

Hi everyone. Definitely new to the forums, but I've been reading them for a while.

I am looking to breed my first pair! Originally I was going to breed my black CT with a dark blue female in attempts to produce more black spawn. However she was a VT and I had some concerns about mixing the pair and coming out with what I wanted. After 3 days he barely had a bubble nest going and I decided to place them back in their tanks and move on to a new pair.

I was interested in breeding one of these 2 from my sorority, but they are pretty large and aggressive for the male I want to mate them with.
Name:  girls2.jpg
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So onto the next lady. I haven't been able to pinpoint her color, but I am 95% sure she is HM (as she was sold as), but the off chance she may be a delta. Any thoughts on a color to label her? Either way she has a very tempered attitude and has shown very receptive to the male I am conditioning her with.
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My male is a young (and fairly small) HM marble.
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After introducing the pair in my 10g tank running about 80 deg with live anacharis. I have 1 Styrofoam cup split into halves floating on opposite sides of the tank with the female smack in the middle in a large plastic water bottle.

He was very quick to begin his bubble nest and over 3 hours had put in a decent amount of work.
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The next day the cup looked like this:
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and after the 3rd day both cups were filled. Almost like he felt his first job wasn't good enough so he had to go somewhere else to earn her lovin.

I was fairly cautious due to her color and still at this point don't know if she is read to mate. Her breeding stripes are impossible to see, so I am going on her attitude and movement. I have finally introduced the pair and for the first 1 hour they have relatively left each other alone. Aside from a quick peak to see if she was real, my male has been off tending to his nest.
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I'll keep photos coming and hopefully I can ask some questions and get some help as I am sure I will need some soon.
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OOooooo they are both BEAUTIFUL!! I love that lady!!! And wow! Nice bubble nest!! He seems like he's interested in being a good dad, lol!

I can't wait to see fry :) :)
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They are gorgeous how can you tell if a female is halfmoon?
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Beautiful fish!
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How do you guys keep your breeding tanks sooo clean?
Mine looks like a swamp with the plants and IAL extract. Am I doing something wrong???
Beautiful log!! And best of luck with the pair!
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