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Aquarium Plants

So I've been having some trouble with my doubletail's 2.5 gal. lately. It is planted with a small anubias and a small aponogeton, along with a Spathiphyllum tasson (Brazil Sword) and a Chlorophytum bichetii (Pongol sword) (both of which are not submerged aquatic plants, as I have just recently discovered).

After adding the last two, I have been having problems with algae building up, a problem I didn't have before. Also there is this brown scuzz that builds up on the leaves of the Spathiphyllum which I don't know what to make of. Anyone know what to make of all this?

Also, I might be re-planting my tank soon (without the false aquatic plants...thanks for nothing PetCo.) and I was wondering what plants I should substitute in. I gather that for a good naturally planted tank I need stem plants, preferably plants that stay small. I was thinking Lemon Bacopa, since it is a native plant, if I can find someone who sells it.... Any other suggestions?
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Let me guess, you bought those plant tubes? Some are truly aquatic but most are not. I bought my java fern like that (it was sold as tropica fern)

Have you thrown out the Brazil Sword? because that plant is a peace lily (yeah, the one that is used in betta vases). You can still leave the roots submerged so long as the leaves are above the water. That should help with algae and removing ammonia/nitrates. I believe you can do this with the pngol sword too. This way you have healthy plants and cleaner water.

but as for real aquatic plants, you can always try java fern, java moss, anubias, anacharis, water lettuce...

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planted nano

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