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Arrow "The Fish." a sad story :(

Sorry if its bad/hard to read/has lots of errors xD it shouldnt have errors when it comes to spelling though im pretty sure
read away:

This water.
I don’t even know why I'm in this water. It’s not clean, not washed, not good. This water is toxic.
And my stomach; It growls and groans and aches and urns for food—food that I haven’t seen in a very long time. The little rectangle where their hands get the food from is sitting so close, I can almost taste it, but it’s just my mind...I cannot taste what is not there.
And this bowl; I can’t even call this a bowl, it’s a cage. This small cage that never grows or stretches. I go in circles, and circles—I can only go in circles. Up and down is a very small distance, if I go in small circles all day it gives me something to do. Sometimes I don’t want something to do though, I just sit. I watch the people outside of my cage talking and walking around. I wish I had legs; then I could leave. I could leave this dirty foodless cage and I could find something to eat. I’d eat all the food in the rectangle and then I’d leave and find some more. Maybe I’ll find a nice pond to live in—or even a real bowl, with plants and rocks. A bowl, not a cage—I'm tired of cages. Cages aren’t good for any animal, no one deserves a cage.

Days and days pass and I hear them mention me. They call me “the fish.” I am not just ‘the fish,’ I am a fish—I am their fish. I am the fish they chose from the store out of hundreds of other fish, why don’t they take care of me? Why don’t they feed me? Why don’t they change this water? This water...I wish I wasn’t ‘the fish.’ If I was ‘the dog’ or ‘the cat’ I wouldn’t have to live in this water, I wouldn’t be in this cage either.
I was swimming in slow circles and one of them came up to me and looked at me. She had big big eyes. She had eyes like a shark. My groaning tummy told me she was coming to eat me—I swam in a fast circle and tried to hide. Where can I hide? Where can I hide?! There was nowhere to hide.
The shark yelled something, “Have you been feeding the fish?” she called me ‘the fish,’ again. I heard one of the other sharks call something back. The shark in front of me rolled her sharky eyes and picked up the food rectangle. I stopped wanting to hide—food! Finally! Don't worry tummy, you will get food!
And then a loud chime echoed through the shark’s house and the dog began to bark. She quickly put the food down. “I’ll get it!”
What was that noise?
Was it other sharks?
Why was the dog barking?
Was it someone to come take me back to my brothers at the fish store?
I waited patiently for her to come back. I waited nicely and spread my fins and pretended to look happy. I was told by the little shark that I was pretty when I did that, so I did, even though the water burned.
I waited and waited and waited. They passed by all day. They talked, they cooked, and they ate. I didn’t eat though, no one fed me. Why would they feed me? I am just 'the fish.' Not 'the dog,' or 'the cat'...i am just a fish.

Days passed again. My scales ached and my gills burned. I knew today was the last day. The last day I’d be in this cage, foodless, and without clean water. If they cleaned my water maybe I could last longer, but they didn’t. No one ever did. I didn’t swim in circles, I didn’t hide. I stayed at the bottom and tried to breathe. Every small breath felt like I was dying. Every part of me was burning, my eyes, my fins—I just wanted clean water.
I just wanted food.
I just wanted to be out of this cage.
The pressure and the pain was too much, I couldn’t do this anymore.
I swam my last circle and said goodbye to the people that didn’t love me. The people that brought me home and promised to take care of me.
“Goodbye the fish,” I pretended they said as I slipped into darkness, “I'm sorry.”

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This is beautiful! :'[
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thanks :)
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Sad but wonderful! This is a must-read story to bad fish keepers and good ones!!!!
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Old 07-29-2010, 04:22 PM   #5 
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So sad =''[ It made me go running to my boys Alex and Riley and telling them I love them! Beautiful story!!
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That was so sad!
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wow! your writing is beautiful! A+...that is a stunning story and it proabably touched everyone who read it! good job!
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This made me cry! This is a must read for bad fish keepers and it shows everyone how a fish feels when they are mistreated. absolutely sad but beautuful.
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Beautiful writing! Sad but it gave me the chills it was so good :]
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aw thanks guys :)
im glad you like it
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story the fish

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