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Why did you get your first Betta?

Hi Guy’s! Why did you decide to get into the hobby of keeping fish? Do you own other fish besides Betta? Also, what are some of the advantages and things that you like about keeping Betta? Are there any nuisances or disadvantages? Please discuss…
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Location: Muskegon, Michigan
I was swiching schools, and was depressed so I bought Roaring Waves. Now I'm well known in school so now I buy them because I love them! :D I don't have other fish with my bettas other than ghost shrimp, but I want to get guppies to breed.
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Hi. I didn't really "decide" to enter the hobby of keeping fish - for me, a fish is just another pet like a cat or dog... no one really enters the hobby of keeping cats, do they? :)

I have a shoal of pygmy cories in addition to my 2 bettas.

An advantage of bettas is that they're interactive - they have big personalities for such little fish. They're highly intelligent and observant and seem to enjoy interacting with people.

A disadvantage is that males are aggressive, especially towards each other, so if you want to enjoy multiple bettas you have to keep them separated through either dividing their tank or housing them in separate tanks.
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Old 09-04-2010, 09:07 PM   #4 
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Location: New York
I was wanting a pet. I previously owned about 5 hamsters in my lifetime as well as one other betta. So for a long time after my hamster died I felt that I needed another pet so I went to the store and thought..hmm low matinence, fun! BETTA

Help with stress
Very enjoyable

Some work
Cost a good deal of money
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I've told this story before, but I feel like telling it again. One day many years ago I went to KMART with my grandma. I was looking around and saw these fish swimming around in vases. So I had seen one before because the libraian had one on her desk. I had one clue what they were called until I read the card stunk to the vase. It was either a few days before my brithday or after and my grandpa said he would buy any thing I wanted so... I hold him about the bettas. The same day we went back to KMART and I chose a red betta I named Sam. Sam was a great pet for me because I LOVED fish and my new aparment was to small for my 35 gal. In the end Sam lived for two and a half years in that vase which was WAY to small. Back then I didn't know what I do now. Ever since I'm been HOOKED

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Location: Savannah, GA
My mom wouldn't let me get a dog. So I "settled" for a betta. Their unique personalities and hardiness is what hooked me.

The advantages of having bettas are they are much happier by themselves so they can be kept in smaller tanks than other tropical fish of their size, although they do better when allowed more room. They are also extremely hardy which makes them great to mistake prone newbies.

Some would consider the fact that they don't do well around other fish a disadvantage but I think their aggressiveness is part of their charm.
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Old 09-04-2010, 09:49 PM   #7 
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I didn't want a betta. At all. The only reason I "got" a betta was because it was my birthday, and my older brother's gift to me was a hamster (I've had hamsters all my life and my other one had passed away a few months before my birthday a long and healthy 3 years of life :) ) Anyways, as I was saying, I got a hamster, and to keep my little brother quiet and to make him stop complaining, my mom bought him a betta, and told me that I had to take care of it. I agreed, and my mom bought one of those newbie betta owner traps (1/2 gallon scams) and off we went. I first started the "typical" treatment, of once weekly water changes and occasionally fed him food. 2 months later, when he started to get sick, I started to up my water changes, and came looking for info. I found my way here, and got badly bitten by the betta bug. And here I am today ^_^

In my eyes, bettas are pretty much perfect. They are hardy, forgiving of mistakes, colorful, interesting, interactive, small fish.

The only con is that their beauty and "easy" care makes them easily expolited by people.

Oh, so do you have any idea what you want to make? Any goals, general thoughts, reasons for asking this question of all the questions, etc? :)
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Old 09-04-2010, 11:14 PM   #8 
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My first betta... Bought a VT Betta with red fins and a blue body at walmart for $2-3. I also bought one of those betta death traps. Maybe .25 gallon it was. Changed it once a week added declorinator and then dumped the fish with the new water. He survived like this for maybe 6-8 months. Then winter came around he got lethargic and died :( 5 or 6 years later (just a few weeks ago) I saw these lovely bettas at Petco. I was going to buy one but remembering my last experience I thought it would be better to do some research. Thats how I came here and I am sure glad I did. My betta is now in a heated 10 gallon tank with regular water changes, a varied diet, and hopefully on his way to a long happy life.
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Location: Utah, USA
My husband and I were engaged and I really wanted a pet. The apartment landlord wouldn't let us have a cat or a dog, and my husband hates rodents and reptiles. So we got a fish. I found a great little tank (2.5 gal) at a yard sale.
Pete (our dark blue VT) was a great fish, despite the fact that my husband and I had no clue how to care for bettas. He had such a funny personality. One summer, we kept our fan on all summer, 24/7, because he liked to watch it move and would freak out if I turned it off (to the point where he wouldn't eat). Ha ha. I was so distraught when he died a couple months ago. I wish I had known more about fish care, could've saved him. So my husband suggested I look into fish keeping and starting an aquarium since I enjoyed our betta so much.
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Location: Singapore
My friend kept telling me he's getting a Turquoise HM, and I kept wondering what is that. So one day, I asked him. And he told me its bettas. I still didnt get it, so he showed me a website of a home based breeder seller. I was totally like " WOW ". I asked him where I could buy a betta, and he brought me there. I bought a 0.5gallon from my friend first, then went to the pet store. I browsed the whole section to see which is the most active one ( when choosing pets, i usually choose the active ones ). Then I saw this small sized HMPK salamander Butterfly swimming around and around, then I decided to buy him. The advantage of this hobby is, I feel a sense of satisfaction from looking at my fishroom and my collection. The disadvantage would be... It's really tiring to do a water change once every 3 days, water bills just shot up, and I was really exhausted. I also bothered about money issues, cause I kept buying expensive bettas from breeders. But it's all worth it now that I settled down.
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