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Old 09-05-2010, 06:21 AM   #11 
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Join Date: Jul 2010
Location: USA
I got my first betta when I was a child around 8 years old. After that I bought a 50 gallon tank and just played around with different types of tropical fish. At the moment I have alot of Mollies(they keep reproducing lol), a few guppies, and 2 snails. It keeps me busy, which is good :]
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For one of my son's field trips, they went to a pet shop and got a Betta. I have never owned a fish before, but I love our little Swimmy fish!
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Old 09-05-2010, 09:55 PM   #13 
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Location: Pittsburgh, PA
I was at my cousin's wedding reception and they had the Betta fish in fishbowls in the middle of wreaths of flowers as centerpieces on the tables.

Afterward they were asking for homes for them so I asked my parents and I got to take one home.

His name is Mister Fishy.

I just got him yesterday. I'm setting up his tank tomorrow cause I didn't know I was getting him so I was unprepared.

Unfortunately he's stuck in his fishbowl until then. Poor baby.

He's a red veil-tailed male (I'm assuming he's male, he doesn't have the white spot by the anal fin that females have). He's kind of small for a Betta. He's only two inches long. And all the ones I've seen are around 3.
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Old 09-05-2010, 10:55 PM   #14 
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Location: Canada
I bought a tank at the second hand store that my iPod plugged into. So I went to work, found my fish, named him Pinyin, and brought him home!
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Old 09-06-2010, 01:40 AM   #15 
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Location: Over the rainbow :3
I didnt know keeping fish was a hobby xD I saw Blue (my Betta Fish) at the pet store, and wanted to rescue him from the plastic cup ;.; I dont really have any other fish asides from Blue for the moment :3 And I read somewhere, that having an aquarium helps deminish stress and helps being more responsible, hehe <3
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Old 09-07-2010, 12:16 AM   #16 
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Location: Northern Virginia
A girl at work brought in her two bettas one day. They were both in tiny, unheated containers, but even though they were lethargic from the cold, they were brimming with personality and each had very individual quirks. I was charmed by how interactive they were. I grew up with a 20G tank of schooling fish, and while they were pretty to look at, I didn't really think they had a pet-like quality, but bettas do. They recognize faces, they understand routines, and they can be trained to do certain behaviors on command just like a dog. They are surprisingly intelligent and endearing. Their aggressive, solitary nature means that you are the center of their world, and the fact that their world is so small means that they utterly depend on you for everything. It's nice to feel needed, even if it's "just a fish" doing the needing.

One big drawback is widespread misinformation. Even with the potentially good information out there, there is a general lack of credibility, especially where medical issues are concerned. Responses to certain medications, especially antibiotics, varies quite widely across the board. Perhaps I've just been unlucky, but I can't recall a fish that I've treated with antibiotics that's been able to make what I would call a full recovery. If you go to your fish medication aisle, every medication basically claims that it treats everything from parasites to bacteria to fungus--and that's just not true.

Medications also tend to come in packets of powder or tablets meant to treat 10 gallons or more. I start really sweating when I'm basically forced to cut lines of antibiotic powder like a coke addict--it's about the only way I have to dose the antibiotic, but it's still just an approximation of a dose that should really be much more exact since antibiotics are really serious stuff when you're dealing with a 2" fish. You run into a similar problem with tablets--there's no way of knowing how the active ingredients are dispersed across the tablet, so when you break it into a portion that is approximately the size you need, you're still not really sure if the dosage is correct or not. How hard would it be to put a dinky plastic spoon or something in the medication box that helps you dose smaller tanks? :/

The biggest drawback by far is just the fact that bettas are little heartbreakers. They've been so over-bred in such an irresponsible manner that even when you take excellent care of your fish, sometimes it just isn't meant to be. Sometimes all you get is a few months. If you're diligent and a bit lucky, they may choose to stay with you for 3-7 years. The luckiest number I've gotten was a 4. The worst part is that every time you lose one there is always guilt--moreso than with a dog or a cat, because the fish is completely at your mercy.

Another inconvenience is the fact that there aren't many readily available products for humane euthanasia of fish. The use of clove oil is generally accepted, but it hasn't been officially approved as humane by the American Veterinary Medical Association. Finquel is an anesthetic can be used for these purposes, but it's something you can't just find in your local pet store, and it's pretty expensive--another problem with it is that once the fish is anesthetized with it, it's hard to tell when the fish has truly expired past the point of reviving. All in all, fish euthanasia is a very stressful thing that puts a lot of pressure on the owner.

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Location: IE California
My girlfriend and I are silly. I have a horrible tendency towards impulsive actions... and she has the horrible tendency to back them up XD I said 'I want a fish' without really thinking about it and now a bit under a month later both our boys are doing great. c:

It's amazing how lovely it is to spend time with a fish. They both have totally different personalities that make them unique and entertaining. Commie is a docile but bossy little fishie while her Kamau is aggressive but a bit of an air head. XD
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Old 09-07-2010, 04:54 AM   #18 
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Location: England!;)
I used to keep bettas when i got my first tropical aquarium when i was eight. I used to wonder why they always died so i stopped getting them. Then a few years later i got a free tank and i was looking up fish to put in it and i stumbled across this site and i realiesed how much i loved bettas and then the obsession began!!!
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Old 09-07-2010, 08:49 AM   #19 
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I always loved the beauty of male Bettas. The way their tails flow w/ the water current, how they interacted w/ their owners & wiggled when they asked for food. I originally bought my male for office enrichment, but the ventilation isn't good for man or beast. My male constantly blows bubble nests & asking for a wife. I like to spoil my children.... After much research. His honeymoon suite is finally setup. I hope to mate"Pretty Tony" this Friday
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Old 09-07-2010, 11:16 AM   #20 
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Location: NW Connecticut
I wanted a pet in high school, so I got my first betta... of course I got sucked into a newbie trap, and he lasted the summer, but Connecticut gets really cold in the winters and he didn't make it because his tank was unheated. My brother's suffered a similar fate.

I sort of moved away from the fish idea for a while.. this is about four/five years later from then. I found a great looking 5gal hex at the junk tent at the carnival in town this summer. Bought it with the intent on keeping goldfish. After doing some research, I realized how much space they actually needed, and couldn't live with myself if I were to get them. I believe I saw someone from this site posting on another forum saying that bettas were great in 5gal tanks.. my first thought was of my first one, but after coming here and looking around I realized what had been done wrong and now had the time and money to properly house one.

So I got Nettlestung and a handful of ghost shrimp, and I'm so glad that I did.. newest project is cleaning out a dirty ten gallon to divide and bring home another.
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