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Exclamation Fin Rot??? HELP!


So, my brother has had his male betta for 6 months now, however, he is not the most devoted keeper. I often end up having to clean out the tank, and feed him. But I think he might have developed fin rot from lack of care. (I'm still working on it with my brother on getting him better conditions. He's only got a 1 gallon bowl!) But, I spent my hard earned money on HIS fish's medication. I just wanted to make sure he does infact have fin rot before I give it to him. And I am very sorry about his conditions. :( It WILL get better. So, here is a video link: . Here are some pics.

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A natural Remedy to fin rot is Aquarium salt in the tank.

Another is to use an indian Almond leaf, leave it in the water, it will taint your betta brown, but it releases stuff that aids healing in a Betta.

Best way to deal with Fin Rot is Fresh CLEAN Dechlorinated water.

Its a bacterial infection usualy caused by poor water quality and conditions.
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Wow! I had no idea about the natural remedies!! I will go get them at Petco! Should I try both, or just one? I will clean out his bowl today, or maybe get my brother to do it. It's just not right!! Anyways, he will get the treatment he needs whether I do it or my brother.
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You must change the water in a one gallon container 100% every other day. When changing the water in the tank, clean the tank and everything in it by rinsing it thoroughly in hot water. This will remove any ammonia residue, feces, and uneaten food that is contributing to the poor water quality in the tank.

I highly recommend getting a tank that is at least two gallons in size. Bettas are tropical fish, and do not thrive at room temperature. They need consistent temperatures in the range of 78-83 degrees to be comfortable, healthy, and active. Most quality heaters are designed for two gallon containers, this is why two gallons is seen as the minimum size for keeping a betta permanently. This is the kind of heater you want: it has a thermostat and an adjustable temperature dial--this gives you more control and means that the heater will turn on and off as necessary to keep the temperature stable. Surprisingly, not all heaters do this, so make sure you know what you're buying.

Since the fish seems like he's been exposed to a lot of ammonia lately--resulting in his poor fin condition, you should consider getting some methylene blue, if possible. It will prevent secondary infections and will help the fish recover from ammonia poisoning. Try to get a product like this one: that is just methylene blue without any other ingredients.
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