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Breeding Tips/Ideas

Ok here's a thread about tips for breeding and raising fry. If you have any put them here. Right now I only have one:

Place a tall jar/vase in the breeding tank. When you decide to add water pour it in here and let it overflow into the tank nice and gently :)
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When I want a mating, I never do anything special.
Just plop a female I choose in with a male i Pick, watch them for a min to make sure their gonna get along.,
I pretty much walk away and remove the female 12 - 24 hours later, I ignore the male other then feedings for about 2 weeks, Then I see fry swimmin everywhere,

The more I fretted and worried about doing something wrong, the more failures I had,
So I stopped fretting and just let nature do its thing, And wahlah tons of babies.

I got babies now from a mating several weeks ago, Their still with dad and will remain so until they are much much bigger.

So no I guess I really have no trick or tips,
otherthen keep the tank full of floating plants, javamoss and algea growth on the walls, and the babies do fine until big enough that I can see then, which is about 2 weeks.
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I have the male and female separate. When the male builds a big enough bubblenest that is when I release the female, and usually the next day they spawn.
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