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Last-Minute Questions :)

So, some of you read that I attempted to cycle my 2.5 gallon tank. I wanted to keep the cycle running, but after a weekend of stagnant results, I decided to empty the aquarium, and give it to my roommate to house her ADF, which was only in about half a gallon of water... So she inherited my 2.5gal tank and my hydor mini heater and luckily, the frog is still alive.

SO, moving on! I got my 5 gallon aquarium, and I am about to start cycling it. I got some pretty white gravel, some anubias (YEAH! :D) and I plan on moving my amazon swords, and eventually my java fern, into the new tank. However, I want to know opinions on when to put the plants in the tank.

My main question is: are these plants resilient to ammonia? I don't want them to die once I drip ammonia into the tank.

Let me know soon so I can start this cycle in a new thread. More people will be interested about cycling a 5 gallon.
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Plants consume ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate--don't worry, they'll likely love it. Just try to keep the ammonia level at 4ppm and do a water change if you accidentally overdose. The plants may go through an adjustment period where they lose a few leaves, but they should get over it. If you're using an inert gravel, you should consider some root tabs.
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I have Aqueon Plant Food that I've been using for my amazon swords and java fern and its working WONDERS. :) Thanks for your input, Adastra. I appreciate it. Hopefully they don't consume TOO much ammonia so that I don't have too hard of a time monitoring the cycle.
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good luck cycling. :)
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