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Old 03-29-2011, 10:24 AM   #1 
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Butters tail is shredded!

OMG! I woke up this morning to find the ends of butters tail shredded! It happend overnight. I have no clue if this is finrot or if he has started bitting his tail or what. There is nothing for him to snag his fins on either. I can't imagine it being finrot, I've never had a betta get finrot before. I'm hardcore when it comes to water changes. I tried to get a photo but my camera died on me before I could. I'm going to go ahead and treat him as if it is finrot just incase.
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Not sure how you personally usually treat fin rot but I would definitely start a treatment with aquarium salt to ensure no infections for a max of 10 days with daily 100% water changes. If he shows progress before the 10 days is up I would just switch to water changes without salt. I would imagine it is most likely tail biting which can be a whole different frustration to get him to stop. I hope the little guy gets better! I am sure his fins will grow back beautifully!
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A picture would definitely help if you can get your camera charged. But even if his is biting his tail you should still treat him, when they bite their tail the edges of the potential to become infected, causing finrot, so either way treating for fin rot is a good idea. I've found the best treatment for fin rot is aquarium salt, clean warm water, vitachem (I swear by this stuff, best for fin rot tratment and fin regrowth!) and a high protein diet! If you can soak his food in garlic juice (either garlic guard or garlic juice with no preservatives) before feeding it to him that will help give his immune system a boost.

Bettas that tail bite usually do it out of boredom or stress. What is his tank like? Are there plenty of decorations for him to occupy himself with? What is the tank size/temp/ammonia nitrite and nitrate readings?
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I would say tail biting. Especially if it happened that fast. One of my Bettas is a tail biter and bites his about every month, sometimes more. He does it when it tail gets too big, it's too heavy for him I guess. But yeah, I just let him he stops shortly after and surprisingly his tail grows back pretty fast. His looks shredded as well. I left for like 20 minutes and almost half his tail was gone! He's a veil tail btw...

Anyways for treatment just use AQ salt to prevent infection. I have never needed more than a half teaspoon per gallon, but most people on here reccomend at least one teaspoon per gallon. Just no more than 10 days on that and I would do frequent water changes. I keep my Bettas in a one gallon QT bin when I'm treating so it's easier to do water changed but I sometimes also just keep them in their 2.5 bins too while treating.
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