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Question Betta Breeding HELP!!!

Hi everyone, I need help breeding my bettas. I have introduced my male and female together in a divided tank for a couple of weeks now. The male has been blowing a lot of bubbles, which I assume is the bubble nest. However, when I remove the divider between them, the female betta immediately BITES and HOLDS onto the male bettas' fins. The male clearly doesn't like this as he tries to swim left and right to shake her off her. When she finally does let go, his fins are torn and tattered. I immediately separated them when I saw this. What am I doing wrong? Is this normally suppose to happen during betta breeding? Some help would be very appreciated
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Some females are agressive but... are you sure what you have is a female??
Females usually run from the male until they feel comfortable to come to the nest.
Post pictures of your pair.
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Yes, I am very sure what I have are a male and a female. Unfortunately, I don't have a digital camera.
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some females are more aggressive than others. i suggest that you not mate them. it most likely wont work, and the male will get really beat up. have you been feeding them live food and have the tank at a higher temp? sometimes they need to be conditioned for a while.
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Did you condition them? Just a note, this topic should be posted in " betta breeding section ".
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Look over the Betta Breeding sticky and some of the threads in the Breeding section. It sounds like you haven't properly conditioned the pair. It's possible the female is just too aggressive for the male and isn't a good breeder.
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Maybe I can trade you one of my females and put yours in with my wild type plakat male. haha He surely wouldn't stand for that.

On a more serious note, if the male doesn't take the dominant role you could try separating them again and reintroducing in a couple of days. But if the same thing happens the second time then they are not compatible and you will need a different pair. Just because you have a male and a female does not mean they will want to breed with each other. Trust me, I know.
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