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2.5 mini-bow w/filter Wc's?

When I first got my female betta Alejandra (red fins and white body VT) , I had her in one of those .5 gal decorative bowls, then I found this forum the same day and felt so cruel so she only lived in the .5 for about 4 days and I bought her a mini-bow 2.5 some black gravel, a florescent bulb(i like the "moonlight" effect + it makes the tank look nice IMO) 2 silk plants, a bridge that acts like a cave that she LOVES!She's very active :), I have to wait till the 15th to get her a water heater and a water testing kit because I'm on a college fund I can only pay so much a week :[, however is it 78 degrees always in my apartment, so she can manage I hope( I know I should have waited for all the supplies but theres nothing I can do now but wait till the 15th for payday).

Anyways, when I had her in the .5gal I did 100%water changes twice a day, and now since I have her in the 2.5gal with a filter, Do I need to do 100% water changes every couple days or can I do 50% every other day.

Also, how high do I keep the water level? I have it at a level so I cant see the water line, but I'm wondering does the filter have to have the "waterfall" to speed up the cycle?

I just want to be the best owner I can be :)
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In a 2.5g filtered tank-I would make twice weekly 50% water changes and with one of the water changes-give the gravel a stir to get the mulm/debris up in the water column or use a vacuum or turkey baster
Give the filter media a swish/rinse in old tank water with a water change 1-2 times a month ans when the water flow slows to get the big pieces of gunk off to maintain a good water flow

Make sure and un-plug the filter with water changes and it should clear after a couple of hours after the new water is added and filter turned back on

As far as water level-it is up to you and the Betta-the higher the water level the gentler the water flow-it won't affect cycling one way or the other.
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Thanks a lot OFL :_) out of all the weeks ive spent lurking the forums for ideas and such you seem like your the most helpfull :)
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