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well why don't you tell him what you told me that there really is nothing that you can keep in that tank. So sell it and buy a 55gal or larger and don't waste your time with anything else. Not exactly a helpful attitude you have and to be honest most of the info about sizes is bunk. a 2" neon tetra? I have never even heard of one.
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Some bettas can tolorate tankmates and some can't. Pygmy cories are supposed to be compatible, but my betta is particularly aggressive and pretty much decimated the cories before I could separate them. The fish store guy (who said he'd been doing this for 30+ years) told me he's never seen this happen. Yeesh. So, I haven't been able to keep anything in with him. In his defense, though, he came from a very large shallow tank used to display plants for sale. He had a lot of room to rule the roost (I kinda feel guilty for keeping him in his own 10 gallon).
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Just a quick update- I decided I really loved the rasboras, so I got 5 of them, and no cories. They are all doing great together. Amadeus is a lot more active and less bored, and the rasboras are schooling together beautifully. No aggression from anyone- Amadeus just flared a bit while I was acclimating them, but it's been 6 days now, and they are getting along perfectly. They really are gorgeous little fishies! :D
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