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Old 09-12-2010, 11:52 AM   #1 
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Tail Biters-- share your stories!

This week my little Toki decided he wanted to be a voracious tail biter.The before picture is in my avatar, and here are the afters...

I think he's biting out of boredom because this week I started school and I'm gone most of the day, and he began tail biting this week. I've caught him in the act multiple times since I've been home this weekend. I've been trying to stimulate him a little more, but he continues to chomp. He's in a 10 gallon heated tank all to himself, so I might get him a snail buddy soon and see if that distracts him.

Does your betta tail bite? What were his triggers: stress, boredom, or he just liked the taste of his tail? Did you cure it? Share your stories.
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Location: IE California
My baby Commie started to tail bite for a few days though it appears to have stopped. I think it was from stress because it happened during a heat spike in my area. The outside temp was 102 so keeping the tanks cool when I'm super busy was hard.
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Puffy was a tail biter because he was bored in his 1/2 gallon tank before I got him a 10 gallon. As for Simba, I have no idea why he tailbites. I think it was from stress and boredom, but I'm not positive. Hopefully I can pin down what's making him tail bite soon.
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Put a ping pong ball in their tanks. :p I hear it keeps them from getting bored.
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Old 09-12-2010, 04:29 PM   #5 
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I've also heard the pingpong ball trick, going to pick up some tomorrow in case I see any starting.. Nettle obviously was a tail biter before I got him, though now that he's no longer in that petco cup it seems like he hasn't started anything with it again.. he has a couple ghost shrimp buddies that he chases around sometimes, but he hasn't killed one yet. So far his tail is regrowing nicely, so I'm hoping that he keeps himself occupied until it's grown out again, haha.
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Old 09-13-2010, 12:18 AM   #6 
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GAHHH I have 3 tailbiters and they just drive me INSANE!! Because Frusciante would be so beautiful if he left his tail alone :'( I've never seen his tail normal because he was a biter when I bought him D: Chance only does it when he sees other guys, so he's not too bad. Unfortunately, he's back in the 10g with everyone else so he's been nibbling a bit. Haze tears his to shreds and makes himself look pathetic and it KILLS me because he was stunning when I first bought him. ZIM, God I hope he doesn't start biting but he probably will just because bettas seem to be neurotic fish and bite just because they can. >.< Here's Haze before & after, Chance before & after, and Fru.

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